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    afp time machine on napp-it error

    I just want to move my time machine to afp on napp-it, after setup time machine backup on iMac, I always got this error. btw. afp on Ubuntu works very well at same time.
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    Move napp-it to solaris11 from omnios

    I managed install another solaris11.3 vm for napp-it appliance,how to migrate all settings into solaris11.3 from current omnios? Thanks
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    Which board is better for storage server 24 bay?

    Currently I am looking forward to setup my dual E5 and 24bay all-in-one server, but get lost in choosing server board during theses 4. X9DRD-7LN4F-(with or without)JBOD X9DR7-LN4F-(with or without)JBOD Can any one help me with that ? Thanks
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    openwrt on napp-it all-in-one / read only

    Hi all I just finished to build my napp-it all-in-one, I am pretty happy with it. except that I fould my openwrt always show / read only. my datastore is on 4 sasdisk on zfs raid-10 mounted via NFS from napp-it. after I put openwrt vm on datastore1 which is another 2.5 sata disk where napp-it...