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  1. CyklonDX

    Practical PCIe gen3 fabric switches?

    You would be looking at infiniband switches.
  2. CyklonDX

    SXM2 over PCIe

    i recommend asking @jkb521 as he's one producing sxm pcie cards.
  3. CyklonDX

    Are 25Gb Ethernet adapters not guaranteeing 25Gb? Here's a nice guide/show how to do some proper tuning to get there.
  4. CyklonDX

    Are 25Gb Ethernet adapters not guaranteeing 25Gb?

    This goes into fine tuning, and actual system performance - its not guaranteed your system/settings will be able to push 10Gig. There's whole lot of white papers showing how to get to full speed - and its not out-of-the-box experience. (here's a good example - even tho its 100G tuning, it just...
  5. CyklonDX

    FS: Intel Arc A40 Pro Single Slot GPUs

    both. But my knowledge about it may be outdated, its been a while.
  6. CyklonDX

    FS: Intel Arc A40 Pro Single Slot GPUs

    I've seen people complain on intel community forum about this - if its been resolved then ignore my post.
  7. CyklonDX

    FS: Intel Arc A40 Pro Single Slot GPUs

    As far as i am aware you need to have display plugged in to the card for the av1 transcode to work. Not sure if you aren't forced to use windows with it too... keep in mind.
  8. CyklonDX

    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    that's most likely why it has almost literal zero adoption. Well they (U.2 disks) will become quite popular in homelab as lsi 9400 gets cheaper.
  9. CyklonDX

    AMD Instinct MI300X GPU and MI300A APUs Launched for AI Era

    I don't want to preach but i think we'll see a lot of them die. In this pic itself we can ball having issues already. (then lets laugh at amd and nv for over 700W club)
  10. CyklonDX

    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    There's really limited amount of systems supporting U.2 disks (without caddies that costs too much), they also have lesser endurance than your typical sas3 ssd. Less builders are willing to go there - U.2 by itself has been a failure to adopt in servers. U.2 disks have same better feature set vs...
  11. CyklonDX

    Ram combinations for Supermicro H12SSL

    CPU populates all sticks equally with data as if it was raid0. You are currently getting half the throughput (GB/s) you could get from ram speed. (Instead of max of 204.8 GB/s you are getting 102GB/s) -- depending on your ram stick speed (this is for 3200MHz sticks) To notice this loss, you...
  12. CyklonDX

    How to reformat HDD & SSD to 512B Sector Size

    i've only played with hgst oracle branded disks, they are formatted with non-standard sector size, but there was no issues formatting to 4kn or 512. First run sg_format /dev/sdX (no changes will be made) - post that info here. Once you are ready to format (and it will take a day or 2) you can...
  13. CyklonDX

    SXM2 over PCIe

    From what I could see on sxm board - Its for nvlink interface connection for P states, and inter-node communication. (nvlink handles power states on sxm cards, without it those cards will be forced into full power at all times - p states won't work just like pcie variant of p100, and v100.)
  14. CyklonDX

    WD RED HDD failed, but can PCB replacement fix it?

    The clicking is the heads trying to reset/onto plate but can't The head is moving back, and forth here making click sound. It can't reset itself/go onto platters. (sometimes if plastic is faulty the head can literally fall off and get stuck on the other side. Sometimes the worst - heads make...
  15. CyklonDX

    SXM2 over PCIe

    i think this link is something that's manageable for international. *(@jkb521 I'm not sure if you are selling things there tho) Personally people here would be most happy if you had ebay account or aliexpress.
  16. CyklonDX

    Help with flashing older HGST/Hitachi drive [H0H72121CLAR12T0/HUH721212AL4200]

    No. You will always get that error; why? I have multiple sas3 disks hitachi, hgst, and wd branded disks and they all show this same error. [unsupported field in scsi command] This is just outdated logic as SMART extended self-test triggers disk spin-down, and that isn't normally available as a...
  17. CyklonDX

    Request for feedback on home network design (simpler approach)

    lan1/lan2 i presume are different networks? If not, spanning tree will disable one of them unless you do teaming on it. (teaming would be better, even if they are separate networks... just add vlans or different subnets.) I'd rather just use POE injector for ports I need to power, rather than...
  18. CyklonDX

    EU Digital Emporium GmbH - HGST Renewed/Recertified 10TB SATA for ~€100

    I thought this one applies to all electrical devices (i do recall when we ordered from dell some servers to our uk dc, they forced us to ship with power-saving mode settings enabled in bios.)
  19. CyklonDX

    EU Digital Emporium GmbH - HGST Renewed/Recertified 10TB SATA for ~€100

    There are few differences in the protocol feature set with them being SATA and SAS. I think EU/UK has laws that prohibit selling devices without stand-by/power-saver, that are always-on. In SAS protocol there's no spindown per say. I'm sure EU is putting additional green tax or something on it...
  20. CyklonDX

    Wasmachineman's Water Cooling Adventures

    i don't think there is a better board that msi meg x570 unify from zen3 board. The bios is stable, and supports high-clocks without blowing up voltage, and amp. (but like everything it also depends on your cpu die lottery.) If you are interested i have some left-overs from when i played with...