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    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    There's two that I know of - BPN-NVME5-LA26-S12 (I bought it here), and BPN-SAS3-LA26A-N12. I'm not sure what the difference is. I found the manual for the latter, and it seems to have the same connector layout. It might just be gen4 SlimSAS vs gen5 MCIO connectors.
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    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    I must have gotten lucky with my hardware combinations. I haven't had issues with hotplugging on any server-y kind of system. Even an old X7SPA-H let me surprise insert a drive via a dumb PCIe x4 -> SFF-8654 adapter. Using a good PCIe switch (one with a fully working hotplug controller) can help...
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    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    I'm actually planning on making a 12xNVMe server. You can get an old 826 chassis (~$250), replace the backplane with a 12x NVMe for another ~$250, and then whatever appropriate CPU/MB. Only question is, how am I going to get that many NVMe ports on the motherboard... H13SSL can handle 6 drives...
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    BPN-NVME5-LA26A-S12 mounting bracket (or lack thereof?)

    I just got one of these for a CSE-826. It definitely doesn't fit with the bracket that came with the chassis (for a BPN-SAS2-826EL1). But it seems to fit just fine if I mount it directly to the chassis without using any mounting bracket whatsoever. Is that what you're supposed to do with these...
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    Whats the deal with U.2 enterprise SSDs selling so cheap?

    They've been coming down steadily. I think there's 3 main factors: 1. There isn't a consumer market - average users want an M.2, not this weird box thing 2. Enterprises are upgrading to gen4 and gen5 (though gen4 prices are also coming down) 3. They've been on the market long enough that...
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    Anyone know of any PCIe or USB NVMe M.2 adapters that allow custom bifurcation of M.2 slot?

    I think you'd need to put the drive in a carrier that converts it to U.2/SFF-8639, and use an appropriate dual-ported reverse breakout like this:
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    Slightly concerned about Apollo Lake erratum -- expected degradation and early failure.

    I'm also interested in this. I just bought a couple atom boxes, and they have stepping 10 (0xA).
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    Consumer case with server motherboard

    It's doable, but you have to understand that airflow in servers is a lot different than airflow in consumer cases. Consumer cases use fans to circulate fresh air into the case, and hot air out. While some components - like the chipset and VRM - can get away with a heatsink, anything requiring...
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    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    How did you check? Mine just shows stepping '10' in /proc/cpuinfo Also, does anyone know what the exact type of DC plug it uses is? I want to make a PoE splitter for it.
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    Request for feedback on home network design

    You will need a managed switch (at least a basic one) for VLANs. You can also make use of the "private VLAN" or "port isolation" feature to further isolate individual devices within a VLAN (i.e. they can talk to the router, but not to other IOT devices). Your diagram is correct in terms of...
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    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    Is this one of the vulnerable CPUs? I thought that was the C2000 series, this has an E3940.
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    SUPERMICRO X13SAE-F Naming confusion

    Sorry, I got them backwards. For this board specifically, the retail packaging has the QRG and more SATA cables.
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    MikroTik CRS310-8G+2S+IN Review 8-port 2.5GbE and 2-port 10GbE Switch

    The unpopulated components almost certainly indicate a future PoE version.
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    SUPERMICRO X13SAE-F Naming confusion

    -O is retail boxed (comes with full accessories), -B is bulk packaged (comes with less accessories). Same motherboard. Sort of how some CPUs are available with or without the cooler included.
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    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    Has anyone measured the power usage of these? I want to power it via a PoE splitter, but I need to keep it <25w.
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    Advice request

    According to the manual, you're supposed to give it 200 feet per minute of cooling at 0-55C ambient, but if your ambient temperature is significantly lower than 55 (I'd hope...), then you can get away with a lot less. Mine sits at 70-75 measured by the card and it doesn't seem to have any...
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    Advice request

    You wouldn't want a 9300-16i if you're going for cool anyway - those things are just two 9300-8i chips and a PLX, so they use more than double the power (thus more than double the heat). The fact that they have a PCIe 6-pin power connector should be a red flag. You don't need a 16i RAID...
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    Is it not possible to use all threads with DUALCPU in PYTHON?

    Python code itself is single threaded due to GIL (unless you're using a newer GIL-less version, but that's another story), but native-code libraries like numpy may choose to multithread (especially something like numpy which is intended for number crunching). This might be relevant? NEP 49 —...
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    Help me understand this product: Glotrends Quad Slot M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 X16 Adapter Card with ASM 1184E Chip

    The listing is self-contradictory - "Only Work with PCIe Splitter Function Motherboard" in the title, but "Without PCIe Splitter Function" in the description?
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    New Supermicro IPMI Host Interface, what is it?

    From what I gather from various docs, it exposes a virtual ethernet interface to the host which is dedicated to host<->BMC communication. Sources: 1. Virtual network interface enx of Supermicro Motherboards - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki-en 2...