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    vPro remote management, alternatives to MeshCommander (ideally multi-os or web)?

    You can just use it like described here. Then, install MeshCommander by creating an empty folder and using npm to download the module: ``` mkdir meshcommander cd meshcommander npm install meshcommander ``` To run MeshCommander you may need to use...
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    [Fiber] Does anyone have instructions for installing this type of fiber connector?

    I have all of this, the connectors and fiber is conneced this way Color: SC UPC 50pcs
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    ESXi edge device: shutdown & power on

    The ups will just holder power to the esxi server shutsdown and set bios to power on at the morning or when power is back.
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    ESXi edge device: shutdown & power on

    Put a UPS on that will power off esxi when power is cut.
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    Topton N6005 - issues running pfSense on ESXi

    My pfsense runs perfect after i changed to pfsense + I have a topton j6412 and run esxi 7