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    Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

    What firmware version?
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    Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

    Mind sharing your switch info. Firmware version etc. I have tried spanning trees on my lb6m and it failed as and would love to see the difference from yours to try and get mine going.
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    For Sale: 2x WD MyCloud EX4 (bare)

    I have 2 NAS appliances I was using while transitioning from an older NAS to a new built system. Both have about a year-year and a half of use on them. Features: 4 tool-less harddrive trays dual 1gb rj45 (bond-able) Support for Raid5,6 or 5+hot spare Sata3 Looking to get $100 each
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    Any bash text processing gurus?

    you can use the following to get the cache amount lscpu | grep L3 | tr -s " " | awk -F':' '{print $2}'
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    Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

    I haven't used LR optics with mine, but every single SR and DAC I have used has worked perfectly.
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    Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

    At start up and under heavy load, my LB6m with stock fans registers on a meter at 76-78dbA. Under low load and idle it sits close to 56dbA.
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    Supermicro Chassis 846 & 216 - getting cheaper?

    They can defn be found for good prices with a little effort. About 3 weeks ago I found a CSE-846BE16-R1K28B new in box (open, but never built in or plugged in) listed at $1187.48, or just about 21% off the retail price of the chassis new. I made an offer of $650 and it was accepted. For most...
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    Network design help.

    I haven't had much time to look into routing on my LB4M and LB6M but I guess that will be the next step for me.
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    Network design help.

    Hi all, I have been browsing for a while and posting an answer here and there, but I am to the point in my new lab/network build out that I need a bit of help. I have a 2gbps fiber loop being installed at the end of January and I decided to start getting everything ready for it. Until this...
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    Opinions? 10GB SFP+ to 10GB RJ45 Converter GBIC

    There are a 2 big downfalls of these. 1. Limited range due to reduced power of the sfp+ port. 2. Price I don't see big enterprises buying these as 99.99% of them go fiber. I would see this as more of a SMB/MMB thing where they have servers from the newer intel c612 chipset with it that are...