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    R720XD H710 mini without raid

    Windows will not see the drives without them being in an array if you do not flash the H710 to IT/HBA mode. That being said, you can put each drive in an individual RAID 0, and then Windows will quite happily see the drives; though as the 720XD can support quite a number of drives, setting up...
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    FS-US-MN-SC: 22TB ECC DDR3 & NVME SSD Storage & other stuff

    I dropped @Morphers a message late last night (I'm EST/EDT, whatever Eastern time), and have not had a reply yet. Might just be busy?
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    Resetting Brocade VDX 6740T

    I've had this project set aside on my workbench since my last post. This weekend I made time to return to it, and made some significant headway; after following another guide on setting up a USB drive with updated firmware, I've got an operational VDX 6740T! As a first foray with Brocade /...
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    Identify part on chassis of HP 800 G1 mini

    That's the wireless antenna, yes.
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    Ultimate Home Data Center

    I'm sure the office and warehouse spaces could be renovated, yes, but I'd still get the line "you're paying the energy bills honey."
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    Ultimate Home Data Center

    Has the look of a Campus datacenter. Given the lack of pictures of things like bedrooms, baths, kitchen, living room, I suspect it'd be difficult for any of us with wives and families to convince them why we'd want the place!
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    Resetting Brocade VDX 6740T

    Unfortunately I have not been able to log in with either the root, admin or even just user logins with the either of the default passwords, fibranne for root, or password for admin & user. The next time I'm playing at my bench I'll post the exact message about the failed login attempts.
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    Resetting Brocade VDX 6740T

    I recently picked up a Brocade VDX 6740T off Ebay, and I need a little assistance in resetting the default users and passwords. Admittedly, this purchase was a gamble, as it was listed as For Parts, with the stipulation that it runs but "we don't know the passwords". Having done some homework...
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    Cisco “ip dhcp pool 20” in Arista?

    In Cisco's terms, the "20" part of the ip dhcp pool command is really a Name to define the name of the pool. It's meant to be a variable to be called when you apply the pool to a VLAN. For example, you define a pool with "ip dhcp pool FIRSTFLOOR" or "ip dhcp pool IM-A-LITTLE-TEAPOT" as a way for...
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    Cellular LTE modem/router for middle of nowhere.

    Peplink is another company that offers routers / modems with cellular access capabilities; they have 4G & 5G capable devices listed, with external antennae available. 900Mbps Dual-WAN Router Balance 20X- Peplink / Peplink Puma Series Cellular Antenna | 5G Ready and IP67 Rated
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    PfSense, how to block one MAC address from accessing the Internet

    * Disclaimer - No PfSense experience, just general network design experience * You could try creating a static DHCP entry for the device, and then creating and applying an Access Control List (ACL, or whatever PfSense's equivalent is) that states the HTPC's IP address can access your subnets...
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    Dell R710 with mismatched CPUs

    @aarcane My experience with refurbishing Dell severs tells me that while the server may initially go through POST, it will squawk about mismatched CPUs of the same generation and halt. You will not be able to mix a 5600 series and a 5500 series on the same machine and have it boot. I'd strongly...
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    Asus Pro WS X570-Ace BIOS "flashback"?

    The X570 Ace does not support bios flashback. If you receive a board with an older bios (like I did), you will need an AM4 processor from the previous generation to update the bios. I was fortunate enough to have access to a Ryzen 3200G through work, but not all of us are so fortunate. Good luck...
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    DELL R620 adding second CPU

    You will also need to make sure that you have matching processors from the E5-26xx series. If you have an updated BIOS, this can also include V2 processors. If your server is currently configured with an E5-16xx series processor, then you will need to purchase two E5-26xx processors, as the 16xx...
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    Strange problem. Help me understand.

    I've seen on-die memory controllers have this kind of issue before, though I do not know why it happens. It's not a common thing, as usually an issue like this is caused by a bent/missing pin, or dust in either the dimm channel or the processor socket, though you've already ruled that out...
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    Want to upgrade DL380 G9 CPU but CPU carrier clip doesn't fit

    Yes, you can just gently place the new processor on the pins, and then latch it in place. Both the Gen 8 and Gen 9s have the same general latch design (yes, they're designed a little differently but the purpose is the same), where the blue clip is optional.
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    Want to upgrade DL380 G9 CPU but CPU carrier clip doesn't fit

    The blue clip is not a necessity in my experience with refurbishing used HPE servers. You can pull it right off and put the new proc in place. The clips, AFAIK, are to prevent careless damage to socket pins.
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    Weird issue

    @lahatte since your outage issue is so short, is it possible that what you're seeing is a Spanning Tree issue? Spanning Tree is used by switches to communicate with other switches about changes in client topology, and can cause a few headaches when not configured properly. Since your Arista is a...