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    ROMED8-2T LAN Ports Not Working

    X550-AT2 is very reliable and should be supported by any linux distro. have you tried restoring your bios settings to factory? also, do you see the nics in ifconfig/ethtool?
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    Dell CD16M E810-XXVDA2 Dual Port 25GB SFP28

    sorry, what you mean Dell CD16M is not real dell part? you cannot find any links to dell site? they got similar naming here: 10Gb iSCSI SFP+ Optical Adapter, Customer Kit | Dell USA
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    New Mikrotik Switch found for Sale in USA

    +1 for baltic networks. not a scam, but also not a deal, just good price. mikrotik in general is quite late to multi-gig world, good that finally they've released something affordable for SOHO @2.5gig.
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    Need help choosing a Router for this large but simple network

    a mikrotik, maybe L009UiGS-RM
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    Thoughts on complete home network revamp Firewall/Switch/WiFi

    You infra looks good. But also, forget about sub-gig speeds for now.
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    Setting up a 10gig interbuilding network at home

    >I would, if possible, like a 20G link between my switches. Should I do this with the stacking functionality or some other LAG? yes, go with LAG, LACP (unless you are stacking - then it may be unnecessary) > How should the ISP connection be forwarded to the pFsense-box? IP-address is provided...
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    Having issues upgrading pfsense Plus, showing different versions

    are you paying them? (stupid question to ask to prevent more of nonsense discussion)
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    Having issues upgrading pfsense Plus, showing different versions

    this is an issue netgate support is for. ask billing.
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    Route IPv6 Subnet?

    try to configure the ip address on a VLAN. also, skip the ipv6 ... secondary, all the addresses are the same. ``` interface Vlan1 ipv6 address 0000:F180:C::/48 ```
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    Poor SFP to Ethernet Performance on Connect X3 CX311A's

    50% of the posts about poor performance are about iperf/3
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    TopTon Warranty Practices

    not a bad response for a chinese seller?
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    Low Power 1U router machine build recommendations

    do you have any kind of virtualization host deployed in DC? you can run it as a guest. or you can try L009UiGS-RM.
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    Multiport Home Router - use case

    if you only knew how many enterprise deployments roll without any vendor support. Especially, if the vendor's support terms, prices and lifecycle is user-hostile(hi, cisco) and regarding ECC/redundant-psu, from practical experience, the long-term networking hardware failures rarely come from these.
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    Multiport Home Router - use case

    what are you probably seeing is not a home network router, these are homelab/enterprise routers. homes are fine with one-two router-switch-AP combo.
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    ASUS RS700-E11-RS12U Review A New 1U Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Server

    very impressive to fit both 12 2.5" disks and front control buttons/lights in a single unit! some of the vendors had to push the lights/control to the rack ears, and it was meh.
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    Multiport Home Router - use case

    people want to run opn/pf sense, not propietary NOS.
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    FS Switch Reliability

    what is the model and what you got on a serial console of the failing switch?
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    Dell PowerEdge R760 Review The Mainstream 2U Dual Intel Xeon Server

    can you use any m.2 in these boss cards, or do the m.2 drives need to be dell branded?
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    Dell PowerEdge R760 Review The Mainstream 2U Dual Intel Xeon Server

    Disappointing that after all the online "savings", absolute minimal configuration is still $7000
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    X10SDV-7TP4F + RAM $599

    not a great deal. more like a market price? 10th gen supermicros are rather old.