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    CWWK 6 Port Router Intel U300/i3-1315U/i5-1335U/i7-1355U

    It's deleted to the trash, so not accessible to download or view
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    CWWK/Topton/... Nxxx quad NIC router

    Can you post the BIOS Home Screen and all the top level BIOS screens after it...I wonder if this BIOS is available from CWWk's support site. How do you run PassMark? I've been using s-tui.
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    CWWK/Topton/... Nxxx quad NIC router

    I took mine apart when I first got it and put paste on the case and copper block and on the copper block and CPU. With out the fan I was seeing around 47ºC-51ºC - its now stabilized between 37ºC-39ºC for the various components measured: root@pve:~# sensors nvme-pci-0700 Adapter: PCI adapter...
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    CWWK/Topton/... Nxxx quad NIC router

    I tried enabling the 2-3 jumper position, but it had no effect (I have both NVME slots occupied), BIOS still showed both, and PVE still booted up with both. I didn't test with only one NVME slot populated, to see whether the lane width was now x2, instead of the default x1. Another time, as it's...