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    New Viking RAM-Drives

    Sounds like you just described a ZFS SLOG device. Except its write-almost-always. They key with a ZFS log is it needs to finish writing super-duper-quick and return.
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    Looking for 16 port HBAs - what are my options?

    Sounds like the Intel RES2SC240 SAS Expander is what you want. Connect both ports of your M1015 to it, then connect the next 4 ports to your 16 bays. The expander can be mounted wherever you want... and just needs a molex to power it. Alternatively, get an LSI 16i card.
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    8+ Drive mATX Desktop NAS Chassis'

    Course, you could always stack a second UNAS810a on top of the first and use it as a JBOD.
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    Optane NVMe for Slog/ Pooldisks or All-in-one via vdisk on OmniOS

    Maybe completed sync writes are fine but in flight async writes are not ;) After all, the sync write should *only* be acknowledged once it is committed.
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    Marriage = Storage Consolidation

    Why not just get rid of the unraid and put the bulk and vm store under FreeNAS? You can use different pools.
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    Small form factor ESXi with 64GB+ RAM?

    I built an ESXi + FreeNAS AIO based on an X10SDV-TLN4F and Node 304 case in this thread: Build Report: Node 304 + X10SDV-TLN4F [ESXi/FreeNAS AIO] With some fan upgrades, and a fan control script, noise is fine. If i was running the CPU flatout 100% of the time, I'd want to replace the built-in...
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    ZLOG Benchmark is coming

    There's always this... Intel 750 PCIe (nvme) Wear Endurance falling insanely fast (on RMA'd drive too)??
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    How's this for a Server Rack?

    How wide is the internal gap?
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    Thermal Grease Options

    I think you mean NT-H1
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    My September 2017 Workstation Build

    In theory (as far as I understand it) an ECC DIMM should be no more than 12.5% more expensive than the same DIMM in non-ECC, purely because for every 8 chips, there's an extra. Where as currently you get the choice of a family car, a hot hatch (the overclocked memory), or a UNIMOG (enterprise...
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    Intel DC S3500 Wearout of 001

    Well... one disk is brand news (8 hours) and the other has been flogged. Surely this is what you sign up for when you buy second hand enterprise SSDs? At least the media wearout indicator is still 0. Might as well use it in mirror until it fails, then replace.
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    When was a post written?

    I've had that exact same question... exact same page too.
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    Helium leakage in helium-filled HDDs?

    Surely the important thing is that the helium is not being displaced by air right?
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    Supermicro Xeon-D 1587 Squid Performance

    Everybody shares in the slowness until people start finishing
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    Supermicro Xeon-D 1587 Squid Performance

    Able to push a gig or two per second, if 33 tablets try, they'll get 30MB/s and will take 15-30 minutes to download the database. 33 users and a thread per user. It shouldn't have a problem. I hope you have the 10gbe uplink in use.
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    Noisy switch -> hyperconverged: cool DIY hack

    I hope he adequately protected that unshielded 110/240V PSU after removing the case! Netgear XS716T is virtually silent when not under significant load.
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    Gigabit LACP and 10Gb

    If your 10gbe server was running with 4 interfaces on the one NIC... say within an ESXi environment... and each interfrace had a different MAC... Or maybe with SR-IOV. Then I'd expect the load balancing to work.
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    My September 2017 Workstation Build

    Yes. Yes it would. But not every work-load scales to 32 threads. A 4.3ghz base-clock 6900k would probably crush the 1950x in <=8 thread work-loads.
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    My September 2017 Workstation Build

    My current work stations are based on i7-6900k CPUs with all 8 cores over-clocked to 4.3ghz (280mm radiators). And stable. Primarily used for software development, where the reasonable number of cores, but high clock speed (all broadwell cores at 4.3ghz) makes a noticeable difference. The cores...
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    X10SDV (mini & flex Atx), PCIe x4x4 bifurcation?

    May 03 2016 Update re Supermicro dual m.2. carrier card in x10-sdv M.2 expansion for your NVMe SSDs - EZDIY adds, Angelbird Wings adds and cools, Amfeltec Squid adds, cools, and quadruples | TinkerTry IT @ Home X10sdv supports full bifurcation down to x4 in all combinations on the x16 slot...