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    SOLVED Mellanox SX6036 + LR4 Transceivers does not work

    Yes. The modded firmware removes the power restriction on all ports. That, combined with the above command enables LR4 optics on all ports. I don't want to publish the firmware publicly since there is some risk so feel free to DM me and I'll send you the info. More than a dozen people have used...
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    Arista QSFP-40G-U 40G QSFP+ BiDi $25

    There's only 3 left at the first listing, which is the seller I bought from, but it's a good price for these modules. I can't vouch for the modules from the second seller. These are LC BiDi 40G modules that work with both MMF and SMF (can confirm). Moreover, with SMF, they also work when paired...
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    "Seeker" 8x2.5G 4x10G SFP+ managed switch

    This one is more expensive when you factor shipping to the US, $74 vs $21. Other than that, seems like the same hardware.
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    ASRock Rack B650D4U IPMI/BCM question

    The manuals have block diagrams which show how the lanes are connected
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    After doing an absurd amount of testing to reduce variables, I'm left with my problems likely being due to the type of SAS connector on the backplanes. This Norco chassis has 5 separate passive backplanes. All five are identical, except, two boards have SAS connectors that are different from...
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    Good suggestion. I put one SATA back in the chassis and it only negotiated 3Gbps (SATA Version is: SATA 3.1, 6.0 Gb/s (current: 3.0 Gb/s)) Interestingly, the SAS drives all negotiated 12Gbps even though the links are not completely reliable.
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    In the case of the SAS drives it's: sd 33:0:155:0: [sdaa] tag#2242 FAILED Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=DRIVER_OK cmd_age=0s sd 33:0:155:0: [sdaa] tag#2242 Sense Key : Aborted Command [current] [descriptor] sd 33:0:155:0: [sdaa] tag#2242 Add. Sense: Ack/nak timeout sd 33:0:155:0: [sdaa]...
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    The chassis in question is at the end of a daisy-chain with one JBOD in the middle. External cables are 2m [hba -> 0.5m -> expander] -> 2m -> [ expander ] ->2m -> [ expander -> 0.75m -> sas/sata drive] So, the max signal-lenghth is 2m and at SAS signaling and 0.75m at SATA signaling.
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    internal cables were all either 0.5m or 0.75m
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    Cleaning SAS backplane connectors

    I recently acquired a second hand (at least!) chassis with SAS backplanes. I've been having a ton of trouble with it. I first put in a bunch of old SATA drives but they all were constantly erroring and when the did work, they were unusually slow. I then swapped them out and put in 12g SAS drives...
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    CX-4 SR-IOV on ROMED8-2T not working

    My ASRock Rack EPYCD8 gave up the ghost and I replaced it with a ROMED8-2T. After replacing the motherboard I can't get SR-IOV working for my CX-4. It used to work just fine. The only difference is the motherboard, everything else is unchanged. SR-IOV works just fine for the onboard Intel...
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    ASRock Rack B650D4U IPMI/BCM question

    The two boards with 10GbE use 4 lanes from the B650 for the controller. The one board without 10GbE uses those 4 lanes for a second m.2 that's located at the back of the board.
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    ASRock Rack B650D4U IPMI/BCM question

    BCM in this case indicates that the 10g nic is Broadcom as opposed to Intel. The board without the BCM does not have onboard 10g of either kind. All three have the same ast2600 bmc ipmi. IMO the one without 10g is the better option since it has a second m.2 which can be turned into an...
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    [WTS-US-FL] Norco RPC-4224/4220 + Supermicro JBOD Stuff + FREE Items

    I'm interested in the Norco gear, and maybe the hbcs. I'll be passing through Orlando on Wednesday. Will PM.
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    Server Chassis for U.2 NVME drives server build.

    My solution is a bit basic but works well if you have a 4U chassis and don't need hot-swap: It's important to make sure there's enough airflow going past the drives, but for my drives, it only takes a little bit to...
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    Ryzen ECC board that actually work / confirmed ?

    I have various asrock rack boards (X470 & X570) and have also seen correctable errors logged and have had a few uncorrectable errors halt the machine (as expected).
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    ConnectX-4 VPI 100GbE NIC $149 obo

    AFAICT, the CX4 is the last to support 56GbE. So, those of us who what to use that speed are stuck. Has anyone been able to link up at 56GbE on a CX5 or later? I may have misunderstood your note but PCIe is full duplex so can handle full bandwidth in each direction simultaneously... just a...
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    ConnectX-4 VPI 100GbE NIC $149 obo

    Yes, great price! SR-IOV is much better with these than ConnectX-3. Glad to be able to pick up a couple of these at a "reasonable" price.
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    EXPIRED Mellanox MCP1600-E002 QSFP28 IB EDR (100Gb/s) 2M DAC used - $12 OBO

    Mine came today. They link up at 56GbE just fine (I can't test 100GbE). That was a great deal. Thanks @Maxz!
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    Ryzen AM5 boards with IPMI

    Gigabyte made odd choices. The biggest is that they are using one of the CPU's PCie x4 ports for the 10GbE controller. If my math is right, 2x 10GbE is ~ 2.5GB/s. Those x4 lanes are PCIe 5.0 from the CPU so this controller is only using ~16% of the bandwidth. Meanwhile, they are hanging a PCIe 4...