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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I got a R730 with poe port no ethernet signal, but still poe, sencond port is OK So I shouldn't try Unleashed for thí R730 :D Your strick is fantastic.
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    Looking for Aruba Controller 70xx 72xx firmware > 8.8

    Hi, could anyone share with me some firmware? Aruba 70xx and 72xx firmware > 8.8.x.x I cannot download from ASP, I try to contact Aruba Team but they ask too much although I own some 7010 and 7205. Thanks for your help.
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    HPE Aruba AP-515 latest firmware

    Send me PM
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    Download Aruba Controller firmware?

    Hi, someone know how to download Aruba Mobility Controller? I have one but after contact Aruba TAC, they gave me a bunch of questions day by day. So nervous.
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I really don't understand while a StandAlone appear in the middle :D R710 R720 >>>R730<<< R750 ...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Sorry, do you get slow upload speed on R850, mine cannot larger than 200mb with 5Ghz upload speed. The download Speed is as much as posible. My intel AX200 speed said 2.4Gbps.