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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    You can ask Racknex if they want to custom build one, if you dont find one for you needs, but they have these:
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    New firewall - mini pc

    There is something mentioned in the intel product brief for the nics: MANAGEABILITY FEATURES Intel® Active Management Technology • Supported on systems enabled with Intel vPro®...
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    New firewall - mini pc

    For vPro Models you just need to replace the i in front of the processor to a V, so your search would be this SKU: NUC11TNHV50L. Edit: Link to the Intel Page added, and under Advanced Technologies you will find the vPro Eligibility.
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Hello, So i bought myself an Elitedesk 800 G5 DM to move some VMs from my dl380p g9 server to lower those horrendous european electric costs, and to tinker with something new for my homelab (*giggle*). Now i thought about getting a 2nd G5 DM and to get a Thunderbolt Addin Card so i could buy...
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    SM CSE 826 sweet deal

    From the pictures it seems you hit the jackpot with your chassis :)
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    Mellanox SX6036 fan mod

    Hi, I just have bought 6x 3pin Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX Fans that should have the same wiring layout as mentioned in this thread: I also would love to switch the connectors from...
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    "cheap" 40GbE switches - Celestica XP D4040 or Juniper QFX3600 (?)

    I would love to swap my fans out on my MLX-SX6036, if you could share your findings, that would be awesome :) I also need some newer revision power supplies. Because one has a very loud coil whine and the second is on a old revision, so maybe newer revision psu's are much quieter nowadays..
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    Motherboard for Xeon Gold 6253CL SRF7Z

    Hmm interesting. in the hp quickspecs is no mention of a Gold 6253 CPU, only 6252 and 6254. HP DL380 Gen10 Quickspecs
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    EU [WTB] HP branded SAS3 SSDs

    Hello, Since i am searching for so long now without any good offers, and i am still unsure if i can buy unbranded SAS3 SSDs (and flash them to HP?) to put them into my HP DL380 G9 Server without the server going berserk, i am trying to buy them here now. I am looking to buy 2 or more HP...
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    Mellanox SX6036 Switch with HP part number - What should I know?

    Here is the Link to the HPE Downloads Page with Firmware 3.6.8010: HPE SX6036 Firmware And here for 3.6.8012 from the Lenovp Page: (Click on Switches) Lenoxo SX6036 Firmware
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    EU 45,- Xeon E5-2618L V3 2.3-3.4Ghz 75W CPU

    Ships to America and Europe but excludes Austria.. oh well :D
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    EU 16GB 2400u - 32,- WHY YOU NO BUY?

    Hi, did you have time to check the HP Product Number please? :) Br, Alex
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    EU 16GB 2400u - 32,- WHY YOU NO BUY?

    Hi, Whats the HP PN? Could you make and upload a photo from the HP sticker please?
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    EU 32GB RDIMM PC4-2133P 12pcs

    Which one please? Can you update your post? :)
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Thanks for the HP Link, will definitly have a good use for that :) I really cant await mine.. Yesterday i have received the qsfp cables from fs, now i am missing the network cards but they are coming from the USA and are currently departed from the JFK airport. And thats just because you cant...
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    i also hope everything is okay with them. have bought 2 for standard price *g* and ordered 4 hpe 544 qsfp nic from america because those were much cheaper than one cx354a from europe..
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    Thank you again :)
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    i have bought it now, lets see when it arrives :) I want to buy the correct cables beforehand from Do i buy passive DAC Mellanox branded ones when i want to connect them to some HP Cards, or should i buy only Mellanox branded Receivers and HP Receivers for the network cards and the...