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    AMD EPYC 7281 Dual Socket Linux Benchmarks and Review

    @Patrick I'd love to see an article about the chess benchmark. Why it was used, why you stopped. What is it sensitive to i.e. what is actually treating and what is insensitive to. Maybe a quick history of the benchmark. Why you brought it back. Are there any confounding variables or things...
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    Review request: Gigabyte MA10-ST0 Intel Atom C3958 SoC

    6 months ago, I wasn't feeling the xeon-d. If only this was available then. I guess I'll have to get it on the come around. Btw, @Patrick , the reviews, quality, content, coverage has been top notch the last few months.
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    The Intel Ruler SSD: Already Moving Markets

    First thing I thought was, "well I guess we don't need eyes and hands anymore". Its begging for a robot...Your big data infrastructure process triggers a request for X-amount of storage to maintain spec. Robot grabs another ruler and scans package, point of sale occurs at the DC when drive is...
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    DeepLearning11: 10x NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Single Root Deep Learning Server (Part 1)

    @Patrick What 1080ti with radial/blower fan did you settle on? My shopping for the 11GOC produced almost all axial/into-case fans. I saw an EVGA and one other, MSI?, all the rest were founders edition iirc.
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    AMD EPYC Infinity Fabric v. Intel Broadwell-EP QPI Architecture Explained

    @Patrick did you get any sense of the run length maximums for infinity fabric (IF). We know for every published spec the maximum not IF since it's proprietary. The distance from node to node for a two socket EPYC is more than a couple inches but nowhere near the distance of a bottom riser 1x...
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    Beta Ryzen NVidia tester

    Huh, I guess that part got edited out... The RAM defaulted to 2133. I clicked 2400MHZ save and exit and it rebooted into 2400MHZ no problems. I did this in 060? and it came back with 15CAS timing from JEDEC. On 0803, it came back with slightly loser timings. I probably could manually...
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    Beta Ryzen NVidia tester

    tl:dr: ECC on Ryzen AM4 Asus B350 verifies. Drivers and kernel are catching up to ECC, 1080ti, and Ryzen SMT, but manually upgrading worked well for me. Having a spare computer relieves all the pressure of a new build. Use case: Machine learning, cryptocurrency mining, programming, VM...
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    New to servers, want to build a Proxmox machine.

    One thing I notice is that you are going for the one box to rule them all. You looking to dev, web, VM, storage, game server, services, and remote hosting. (I can relate as I'm in the same boat.) It can be done though @ttabbal 's point is very important. If you put all your eggs in the one...
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    I'm curious what, if any, benchmarking you do prior to putting a box into production. This is not a question about stress testing for faults. Many of the tools today are baked in or put such a small hit during production that errors and warnings can be caught before unscheduled maintenance...
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    AMD EPYC 7000 Series Architecture Overview for Non-CE or EE Majors

    @cactus I've been chewing on this for a day, mostly because I dig this kind of thing. My Intel take first: The Department of Energy pushed NVidia and IBM to bypass the PCI-e congestion for the NUMA cluster for a supercomputer. Intel is not naive, they have Knights Landing and worked with...
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    EPYC "leak"

    Ooooops. Maybe I was thinking of Vega equaling SIGGRAPH, now I'm not really sure. How about I'll just wait for your article. ;)
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    EPYC "leak"

    Launch with ramp over several quarters. (Edit for stupidity, not sure why I was connecting convention and EPYC, see below: June 20th) July 30th is SIGGRAPH, a hard core graphics user conference e.g. scientists, 3D creators, engineers. Alienware will have Threadripper exclusive (with some...
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    EPYC "leak"

    Are you under the impression that those core counts are double socket?
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    EPYC "leak"

    Can I haz moar cores? 32 core / 64 thread AMD Naples AMD Naples Leak Confirms EPYC 7601 Server CPU With 32 Cores, 64 Threads, 3.2GHz Turbo Clock | HotHardware
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    WTT: DDR4-2133 16x16GB ECC UDIMMs for RDIMMS

    What board are you qualifying then on? You in northern California? I'm interested in 4. About to make dinner, will PM later.
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    FS: guts of GTX1080Ti

    Curious what the total was and what the "pre-made" "tax" difference is versus the Asus Poseidon ( ASUS ROG Poseidon GeForce GTX 1080 TI 11GB Platinum Edition DP HDMI DVI Gaming Graphics Card (ROG-POSEIDON-GTX1080TI-P11G-GAMING) )
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    Docker Swarm + Unifi Switch = Massive Packet Loss?

    Just curious if this ever got resolved. The log about permission denied seemed peculiar.
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    Deeplearning010 - 8x GTX 1080 Ti Build (Deep learning and crypto mining)

    Great write up! Lots of questions answered and context and economic and future recommendations and nicely done. For the cost breakdown, I see a small sliver at the bottom of the SuperMicro vendor as if 2 products from them. Is that the GPU hump?
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    AMD EPYC June 20, 2017, Threadripper and Vega at Computex 2017

    Here's a business use case I can see. The demands are low enough not to warrant server grade but high enough to use what's available. My gut says that the single socket Epyc will address the next step up an future proof for those that are in - what I see as a small - niche. At STH, it...