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    US $192 ($190 BO) Great deal on a Quanta D51B-2U 2u Chassis

    I have a quanta T41S-2U and have issues upgrading QTY 2x V4 CPU's would anyone know how I can update the BIOS for the V4 Package, it does not seem to be working on the multiple systems we have. thanks
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    1U Supermicro Server 6x 10GBE RJ45 X10SLH-LN6TF LGA 1150 H3 X10SLH-N6-ST031

    Hello this is Justin from Unix Surplus, we have the BIOS and unlock all the boards and systems for you guys now, you can see we have updated all the listings it let me know if you have any questions, TO THE ADMINS DELETE MY POST IF NOT ALLOWED to put the links. thanks don't want to impose...
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    shoot me an email and we can work something out
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    LSI 9211-8i HBA Larger than 8 TB Drives

    Hello all did, has anyone else tested the 9211-8i with 12TB Drives?
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    Hello, I have e-mailed supermicro they said they cannot give out the BIOS for OEM systems they make and they said to contact Softlayer which I contacted and they could not give that BIOS to me
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    I do not have the BIOS update from Supermicro, although we may contact softlayer to see if they have it. I tried the BIOS from the but they do not have the correct motherboard BIOS Do you want to purchase one of this, and see if you can give it a shot I can give you a bit of a...
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    I Tried that with the CMOS Battery as well as shorting the jumper still could not clear the BIOS Password and we do not have the Rela BIOS from softlayer either so, We have several these systems with BIOS PS, if anyone finds a solition that would be great, There is a bit of a discount if you...
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    you can find them on ebay here is a link to one, If you find a way to clear the BIOS PW please respond to this thread 1U VPN PfSense Firewall Router Server 6x 10GBE X10SLH-LN6TF E3-1270 V3 X540-T2 | eBay
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    Supermicro Bios Password / Softlayer

    Hello I have the same system from softlayer, did you ever get a chance to clear the BIOS? please let me know thanks.