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    FS: AMD EPYC 7251 & 7551 Processors, G.Skill 128GB (4x32GB) Desktop DDR4-3200, Corsair 1500W PSU

    Just wanted to say I received 2x 7551 Epyc CPUs from krylon promptly shipped (domestically) with no issues whatsoever. Thanks!
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    12 TB Dell/Toshiba drives @$285 (ymmv)

    Ended up declining the offer since I couldn't justify the premium over the 8TB Easy Store. Did anyone else get these disks?
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    12 TB Dell/Toshiba drives @$285 (ymmv)

    Just got counter-offered $285 each for 2x 12 TB Dell/Toshiba units here: Dell 753F0 12TB Toshiba MG07ACA12TEY 3.5"SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K Hard Drive | eBay
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    SAMSUNG M393B2G70QH0-YK008 16GB 240-Pin SDRAM ECC DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) NEW

    16GB ECC DDR3, but PC3-8500 - I got 6x 16GB (96GB) for $100 a couple of weeks ago: EDGE 96GB (16GBx6)DDR3 PC3-8500R ECC REG Server Memory 16GE604R04 | eBay
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    Cheap fast quiet server?

    Took some finding, but these work in my R210 ii : Centon RD709G01 8GB PC3-10600 ECC Unbuffered DIMM Server RAM | eBay
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    Cheap 10G SFP+ tranceivers, 5 bucks ea + shipping.

    Domestic shipping isn't that great either - cheapest USPS option is $15.50 to ship 2.
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    $250 FS: Intel SSD DC S3700 Series 800GB 2.5" Hard Drive SSDSC2BA800G3

    Another S3700 series for $225: Dell Intel 800GB SATA 2.5" SSD SSDSC2BA800G3T | eBay Wonder how they manage to get those kinds of dents in the casing.
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    40GbE switch temptation

    For the benefit of plebes like me, how do those of you with access to such exotic stuff in a homelab setting use them? I can see that getting familiar with the hardware and configuration options is useful (and of course, the "because it's there" motivation!), but I'm having a hard time...
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    Intro / advice needed on managing noise

    Ended up selling the 2U Rackable box and switching to a whisper-quiet ASRock Xeon D-1540 setup over the holiday break. Couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for the suggestions though!
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    Intro / advice needed on managing noise

    Hello all - just joined these forums after lurking and reading the site intermittently over the past year. Mostly a software guy, although I've always had some power-hungry hardware lying around the home since my university days. I still have a couple of Silicon Graphics and Alpha workstations...