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    Misery loves company so is crypto done?

    I CPU mined BTC five years ago, it was worth pennies. I had about .385 BTC. That's worth a little now (or would be if I hadn't lost my wallet.dat). Profit depends on the timeframe.
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    Thin Client thoughts?

    Mine are about 45 cable feet away (through this, around that), I use good active HDMI and USB cables. Server is in the basement, USB hub and monitor are in the office.
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    For Sale: Intel R2308GZ 2U Server

    2660v2 because they are out in quantity. This is homelab stuff for me, the upgrade from 32-40 threads for ~$200-$250 is worth it for me, YMMV.
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    For Sale: Intel R2308GZ 2U Server

    Lol, saw this thread pop up and was hoping for another deal! Love this server, it's killing it 24/7 for me, OS is on SSD, 8x3tb drives in Z1 pool. It's on 100% making cryptocoin (gridcoin). serving media and runs at a constant 320w according to IPMI. It's running in a basement that is between...
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    Cloud backup solution?

    I took care of this tonight. I had been using an Ubuntu server with a ZFS pool as a target for my backups. The data on that pool had been restored from a CrashPlan backup of a Storage Spaces fail which had been moved from unraid. Everything is backed up here, reinstall images, media, etc for...
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    vmware installer hangs loading mpt2sas module

    I had this issue in my lab. I pulled all of the drives attached to the card and it upgraded. I passed the card through to a VM, reinserted the drives and found a failed disk. Replaced the disk and I didn't have a problem with that hang again.
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    Sick and tired of FreeNAS, need alternates>>>

    Gea, thanks for that explanation. Here is a link to what I did to set my zpool up by ID. These were the pools I talked about moving above.
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    Sick and tired of FreeNAS, need alternates>>>

    I've done a lot of different things. Currently I'm on ESXi with an Ubuntu 16.04 VM that has ZFS installed from standard repositories. I've passed through an 9205-8e card that is attached to an external JBOD. ESXi is installed to a 4GB SATA DOM, datastore is on a pair of 120GB SSDs. The server...
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    Sold: Mikrotik CRS226-24G-2S+IN $175

    Bought, great transaction and easy to work with, thanks tullnd!
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    Running hot

    I've got four of ten servers running in the basement now. An Intel 2224 2u running 100% two home built E3's (one full tilt, one about 10%) and an L5620 node on a SM four node server and a full SGI SE3016. Ambient is 87F at the top of the rack. No issues. When it breaks 90 I shutdown the SM...
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    Intel Xeon E5-2680v2

    Sorry, yes 2660 v2s. Just put a BO at $100 each on two.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2680v2

    2669v2s are dropping fast. Lot of sellers have them at $120-$125.
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    what's your ZFS flavor?

    I've played with a few distros and was a long time Unraid user. My current fav is ubuntu with zfs installed from the repository. This is home use only so I'm not too worried about lights and drive maps. I'm only managing about 30 drives, when I put one in a drive cage I print a label with...
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    WTB E3-1230 v2, entry level vsan cache SSDs

    I'll wait for the OP to respond. I'm interested in this too. I bought 2 barebones chassis's thinking I had two E3 processors but I only had one. I think one got tossed in the trash. Some of my consumer drives are starting to throw errors (after ~40,000 hours).
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    WTB E3-1230 v2, entry level vsan cache SSDs

    How much for the 1280V2?
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    LSI Warpdrive flash accellerator 4x 100GB ssd 85 USD

    I did. 30C inlet, 32-35C for all 8 spinners in the drive cages, 42-49C for all 8 drives on the WarpDrive cards in the back of the server. They are horizontally mounted on the bottom of three slots on two riser cards. One WarpDrive has a video card in the slot above it.
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    LSI Warpdrive flash accellerator 4x 100GB ssd 85 USD

    I've got mine in an intel 3u server on riser cards. Sever room temp is 85 F, they seem to perform fine. I could probably check the temps but I probably don't want to...
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    Supermicro 4U 24 bay 846 chassis SAS2 with rails/motherboard - $300

    I never figured it out, I had everything set and it ran for years, through upgrades, through major revisions, then in the span of a few months it was constantly doing parity checks. It's good software that I would go back to, but I'm enjoying ZFS for the time being.
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    Supermicro 4U 24 bay 846 chassis SAS2 with rails/motherboard - $300

    Same here, I'm on ZFS now. Was on unraid for years but it got messy, seemed like it was ALWAYS doing parity checks, I had a 20 disk array. Swapped to Server 2012 storage spaces, lost the entire array to a silent double disk failure, no indication of failing drives, one day the array wouldn't...
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    eBay $15 off $75+ today until 10pm PST

    Peanuthead, was looking for smaller S3500's to play with. Thanks though.