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    EU Switzerland: 32GB Optane for 19 CHF

    Steg/Techmania/PCP is selling off 32GB Optane M.2 Intel Optane M.2 2280 - 32GB - Bulk online kaufen oder in 15 Filialen abholen |
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    LSI WarpDrive Sun Oracle F80 800GB PCI-E SSD $95 FS

    Are you on vSphere/vSAN 6.7? Which driver version are you using? I would love to get them working.
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    LSI WarpDrive Sun Oracle F80 800GB PCI-E SSD $95 FS

    Just FYI these drives do NOT work with VSAN as VSAN requires 512 or 4k physical sector size and these are 8k. VSAN won't write anything to these SSDs.
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    NVidia Tesla M60 Drivers (GRID 2.0)

    You can find them freely available on the nvidia page: NVIDIA DRIVERS Tesla Driver for Windows. Only thing you have to do is change to the correct mode ("graphic" or "computing") with gpumodeswitch.
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    A silly Question, is there a better alternative to pfsense for home use?

    If you like pfsense as software but not the community have a look on the OPNSense fork. I use it since a year everywhere where I used pfsense before and am very happy with it. Gesendet von meinem BLA-L29 mit Tapatalk
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    Connectx-3 EN CX314A-BCBT 40/56 GbE for USD19

    On mine the sheet metal latches were bent or broken. Someone janked out DACs without pulling the release levers -.-. I 3d-printed replacements.
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    Rackmount 2U UPS recommendations

    If you only have 1-2 minutes of runtime you have to shutdown your stack every time power drops. Also you would have to wait 3-4 hours until the batteries are recharged before powering on again, because there could be a 2nd drop. Better go for about 5x the time you need to shutdown.
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    More SSD deals...

    Found in "more like this" Sandisk Cloudspeed 2TB 490$ NEW 1.92TB SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco Gen II 2.5" Read-Intensive Enterprise SATA SSD | eBay
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    1.6 Million IOPS < 2000$

    Achieves 17GB/s read and 10GB/s write using 8x8 port SAS2. (With 80FMODs, this beast has 96!) Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array with PCI-Express SAS-2 HBAs Achieves Over 17 GB/sec Read Theres also a 2nd one on ebay with only 20 FMODs, which would be ideal as spare parts (599$).
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    1.6 Million IOPS < 2000$

    SUN F5100 with 96x24GB SLC SSD. The bigger cousin of the Oracle F40. 1.600.000 IOPS Read 1.200.000 IOPS Write ~2.4TB Capacity Only 1 available. Have Fun and please share some benchmarks! Sun Storage F5100 2TB SAS Flash Array 96 x 24GB 371-4095-05 TESTED w/WARRANTY! | eBay
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    Intel Optane 900p SSD Released in AIC and U.2 Form Factors

    Best price in switzerland is about 670$ for the 280GB and not even in stock. :-(
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    Bitten by DL380 noise again

    You can use a HP P420 Controller. The problem is, that the drive temperature is read wrong by the P410i and the fans spin up to 100%. This shouldn't happen with a P420 and it will also be a reasonable upgrade (P420 can be set to passthrough/JBOD if you use ZFS or similar)
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    1st time FreeNAS user needs help with "Failed to wipe da0: dd: /dev/da0: Invalid argument"

    Yes. The bootloader (xpenology) is. But you are booting the DSM software image of a ds3615xs or similar (the .pat file) which is not!
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    1st time FreeNAS user needs help with "Failed to wipe da0: dd: /dev/da0: Invalid argument"

    You can't be serious giving stolen software (xpenology) to your customers? Synology doesn't sell licenses, you have to buy their hardware.
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    Which quad E7 systems will boot faster?

    Google has your ass with coreboot-NERF and u-root. With their fully open-source replacement of the UEFI they brought down the boot time of a winterfell node (OCP WiWynn) from 7 minutes to 20s. They already have 4 motherboards supported (unfortunately I couldn't find out which). Also removes...
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    1st time FreeNAS user needs help with "Failed to wipe da0: dd: /dev/da0: Invalid argument"

    Most probably there is some raid config on the end of the drives which BSD recognizes using its geom_raid module. The easiest way to get rid of it is clearing it the same way it was created. Alternatively nuke the whole drive.
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    Balloon Service not showing correct RAM on Proxmox?

    The WMI event says that the query did not return or returned NULL. Try running the query shown in the event manually.
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    CPU v. RAM Utilization

    Just add a few VDI Desktops and workers on that host and CPU will be the limiting factor. Browsers with JavaScript LOVE churning through these CPU cycles. We have a client with about 1700 persistent VDI Desktops on 160 Cores. It all went well for a few months (<25% CPU load on a work day)...
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    Why is only 1 cpu used?

    It seems CPU-Z is not NUMA aware. RAM is only accessible by it's own CPU. As a consequence the OS schedules the task only on the Cores which have direct access to the RAM where the data of the process lies. You can set NUMA node interleaving to on in the BIOS, this will change the behaviour so...
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    Does Samsung 960 Pro have an Option ROM for C602/X79?

    No, the 950 Pro is the only one. But for C602 and X79 you can mod the UEFI and add the option rom there. Instructions for AMI BIOS: [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS