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    HPE ML30 Replacement Cooler/Fan Issues

    Hi - not sure that this is entirely the right forum to place this question/request for help - but here goes. I bought an HPE ML30 Gen 10 [E-2224 16GB RAM, running WSE 2016] in May, earlier this year. The CPU fan was horribly noisy - so took the plunge and replaced it with a Noctua NH-U9S...
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    Xeon E-2200 vs E-2100 - Two Questions

    This may be a dumb question - but struggling to get a definitive answer. What's the difference between the Xeon E-2100 and E-2200 series processors? Are they completely interchangeable? Both [can] use ECC memory? Secondly - has anyone got experience using an E-2236/2136? We're running an...