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    Motherboard from Iranian kamikaze drone

    Can someone share their findings and thoughts on this one?
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    EU [GONE]Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P - 170 GBP (Aprox. 192€) + Shipping

    Or just get a new one for that price? MikroTik Cloud Router Switch 326-24G-2S+RM with 800 MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 24xGigabit LAN, 2xSFP+ cages, RouterOS L5 or SwitchOS (dual boot), 1U rackmount case, PSU without SFP licencing limitations :)
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    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    What's your MB, Memory (speed and size) and XMR program parameters on these?
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    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    I'm too into server stuff for dedicated mining, but I just checked that 2678v3 is around 120W TDP plus the extra draw, so it consumes double the amount of power per hash rate vs Ryzen. Plus the noise. But if I get a decent setup for dirt cheap, I definitely would try v3's and v4's. Bonus would...
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    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    Depends on the CPU, MB etc price. You'll get 12KH with 2x Ryzen 3600 (65W TDP) and the resell value is much higher on those.
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    ESXI 6.7 passthrough GeForce GT 1030 to Ubuntu

    Try giving the GPU passthrough config x-vga=1 (which tells the VM/GPU that the output comes from the monitor) i.e. also blacklist these: Also worth mentioning, that I've had issues with GPU passthroughs if the baremetal isn't running on UEFI. Here's some hints too:
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    SuperMicro CSE-825 chassis and newer Supermicro motherboards

    Thanks for the input! I see often full chassis + motherboard setups going lower than the actual motherboard on eBay. Quite clever way to get free chassis if you have the audience for the hardware lol. Paid 240€ incl. shipping for the chassis and x9dri-ln4f+ with dual PSUs (and 1x overpriced 2609...
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    SuperMicro CSE-825 chassis and newer Supermicro motherboards

    I got a 2011 setup on my CSE-825 chassis and I'm thinking about replacing these parts and get a H11DSi motherboard to build my Epyc server. Has anyone tried using this chassis or any other older models with newer motherboard? If yes, how did it go?
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    EPYCD8-2T Serious issues

    Out of curiosity, what kind and how long are your riser cables? I've also ordered bunch of 18 to 30cm x16 risers, but not sure if there is some length limitations to GPUs (for power draw)?
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    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent setup for my 1st upcoming Monero mining rig (Dual Epyc etc), but the results I've gathered are based on Google results from 2018-2020 and they vary - a lot! My budget is around 1000-1400€. Patrick's last thread about Monero is from year 2018 and much have changed...
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    EPYCD8-2T Serious issues

    I'm considering to buy this motherboard for multi GPU purposes solely. Did you tried to reset the BIOS? I'm using Supermicro product and it gave me a headache until it was able to boot up one time and told threw me back to BIOS telling: and suggested After that, no issues. Just wondering that...
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    Connectx-5 25gb $50usd

    I'm too very interested! :)
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    Best SSD deal 2019 3200GB for 250 USD

    Can someone post some 4K benchmarks?
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    EU HP ProLiant DL380e G8 25 SFF bays £96.99 / 14LFF £113.99 OBO

    I dont like the CPU tho' (E5-2420)
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    EU FS: Dell R7910 and Dell Alienware Aurora R6

    I'm also willing to negotiate on prices. Keen to get these sold and move on to another projects. R7910 can also use Xeon E5-4xxx v3-v4 CPUs with updated bios.
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    EU FS: Dell R7910 and Dell Alienware Aurora R6

    Dell R7910 - 950€ 1x E5-2603v3. Other slot empty. (2 x Heat Sink Included) 32GB ECC (2 x DDR4 2133MHz Hynix 16GB) 2 x HGST HP branded Hitachi 480GB SSD SAS3 2.5" (not attached) PERC H330 Raid + cable (not attached) 1x1100W PSU 4x1G NIC Rails included Bezel: No Could convert to bare bones and...
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    EU Tyan 2U POWER8 (TN71-BP012) - 299€

    I wonder how loud are those?
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    (back instock) - 480g hgst SSD (sas3) - 60-75$ offer accepted!

    Just made an offer of 6 for $55 each and got countered for $60. I instantly accepted. I've had the 100gb and 200gb versions of these and they've been really solid. (and tip to you all that are living in the EU, I'm using MyUS to forward the packages and it works just great).
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    Oh no, the seller has blocked provided street address :(