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    Desktop UPS

    I had an old UPS that lasted one bad surge. But it saved my hardware. My current cyberpower has lasted 5 years and numerous cycles, pretty good for the price point. We lose power pretty frequently and it gives me enough time to shut down my server and then run the WiFi for 90 minutes.
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    14 TB WD Easystore $200 @BestBuy

    How do people feel about recycling drives & data privacy? I’m all for getting rid of ewaste properly, but get leery about secure disposal of storage.
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    Ultimate Home Data Center

    Two days after I see this and I’m out for a walk and I notice a ‘house’ that I drive by every day is a substation. It was the hum and steel front door that gave it away.
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    Revising my expectations during the chip shortage

    I got a cheap sandy bridge celeron for my mini-ITX desktop years ago, anticipating an upgrade to a 3770k. That upgrade never happened and the memory is limited to a single 8GB dimm, but I’m still running it pretty happily.
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    Chinese backdoors on Supermicro

    They’re back/doubling down:
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    Co-location for high power consumption GPU server?

    I’d just appropriate the laundry and the dryer outlet... (a clothes rack in the hot aisle would take care of the laundry too)
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    EXPIRED WD EasyShuck 18TB 279.99

    At this capacity I am tempted to mirror two and call it a day
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Thanks, I ended up getting a ‘new’ GT1030 as it was somewhat time sensitive. There doesn’t seem to be a whole heap at the lower end of the market.
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    We’re looking at heading back to WFH, after a lengthy period back in the office. Since going back into the office I’ve moved to a 4K screen. But I’m running a haswell laptop and sandy bridge desktop at home... My question is aimed at a specific use case (and I may have missed the answer in all...
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    My new 64 core EPYC workstation ROARS to life!

    Radeon and RTX in the same box..? How well do the drivers play these days?
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    Would you consider this exchange insulting?

    I see two components to this. As someone who doesn’t have much of a tech budget, there are times when I can’t justify the initially requested outlay, but a 20% drop might bring it down into my range. Or maybe even 10%. I’ve also seen some items hang around on the forums for months, gradually...
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    Possible compromised forum?

    I just went private mode (I don’t often do it) and went to the main site via my forum bookmark and after clicking the first article I got redirected again.
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    Possible compromised forum?

    Just happened again to me on the main site
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    heh, that latter page is my bookmark, so now I know why I was getting the news since I last visited’ still.
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    Office/Computer Desk chair recommendations

    I’m 5’9” and under 190lb, at work I have a moderately priced - I think $100-$200 Staples chair (mesh back with a fabric seat) at home I have a similarly priced Office Depot chair (mesh with what I assume is a pleather seat) that I got on sale. Both are fine for my 8 hour day use.
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    Possible compromised forum?

    On my phone I use safari with the Firefox focus content blocker, which is disabled for this site.
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    Possible compromised forum?

    I’ve been seeing this sporadically for about two weeks.
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    I was going to expand my pools of 6TB reds. Oh well, guess I will just have to go with bigger drives...
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    Killing Time

    Working harder than ever. Doing more non-digital (wood working etc) things in my downtime to stay sane.