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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Thank you kindly sir. You have been most helfpul. I will follow your lead and report back. At work now.
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Only in the bios. Newb to ipmi other than the asrock and it was no issue as 1st owner to set root was me. Do i need to download an ipmitool? Currently I have proxmox hypervisor and Linus vm running on the servethank you again for the guidance.
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    ROMED8-2T LAN Ports Not Working

    Area, a couple of things and in no specific order. #1 "no lights" means disabled port: bad cable or not seeing a link from the other end aka the switch. check mobo bios for the nic's settings. Make sure they are enabled and you will likely want them set to dhcp. #2 these older 10gb nic only do...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I appreciate the response! I saw I could add another user/admin locally but how does that help resetting the root account password? I created a new admin but was not sure if it should be a 1 or 8. Saved and rebooted, tried removed access under the newly created user and it failed. This is my...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Hello team STH. Hoping my fellow enthusiasts can assist me where Tyan support seems slow. I have an epyc milan setup in an asrock. I wanted to get this Tyan 8030 and found one for sale that was a return. Since I can return it to the retail seller I figured at worst I would be out the time and...
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    CPU Coolers for Threadripper 7000? Do Threadripper 5000 series fit?

    Hi and no the mounting is different. But you are in luck that one the top performing air coolers for the tr4-sp3 (arctic freezer 4u) came out with one that they designed to work with both the tr4-sp3 AND the new tr5-sp6 boards. "arctic freezer 4u-m"...
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    Only plx 4+ m.2 nvme cards I saw were more expensive than the pex version (bifurcation mobo required) but I assume that's because of the cost of the plx controller on the board. Anything with more than 4 slots should be added expensive. I too would appreciate an aliexpress or other link to a...
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    Enclosure or Nas build advice and direction please...

    BTW, @louie1961 post just reminded me unRaid has a sale going on if anyone is interested. I don't work there or get anything. Just sharing from the email. Now through midnight of Cyber Monday (11/27): Save 10% off all Unraid licenses Take 15% off Paid Support Enjoy 20% off all...
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    Enclosure or Nas build advice and direction please...

    Hi Steve. Welcome to the forums. I do not want this to sound negative but here goes. Like just about everyone else you sound like you want your cake and to eat it too. What I mean is you want a lot but you want it on a low budget. That is nearly impossible so you have to choose. Do I want this...
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    Requesting Advice: New Homelab Setup

    BTW, about new, fewer, larger capacity sata drives. This would be my recommendation. Dual actuated drives by seagate. If I were going this route (no tech budget after building my epyc earlier this year) I...
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    Requesting Advice: New Homelab Setup

    Since there is a professional opportunity with one hypervisor go that route, otherwise proxmox is a great choice. Get that intel cpu because you will use the igpu (they are power efficient and good for encode/decode). Max out the ram if you can, probably 128gb. Ditch the sas drives/controller...
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    Portable Wifi Travel Router using AMD Mini PC

    The value in what you are asking about is the experience/learning. That said, many of us who work in tech for a living want simple, set it and forget it when they go home. I am one of those that still likes to use my home network as a lab. Most of my tech friends run home class crap and are...
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    Dell CD16M E810-XXVDA2 Dual Port 25GB SFP28

    Those are intel cards.You are correct they are oem. Intel = good
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    New Version of the cheap 4+2 2.5G/10G Switch. Anyone have pictures of the inside/PCB?

    I want this 8 port but with 2 10G ports so I can connect one to a device and one to a duplicate switch of the same type as a backhaul. Adding the 2nd 10G bumps the price up quite a bit from what I have been seeing.
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    CWWK/Topton/... Nxxx quad NIC router

    I am fairly certain toptop just resells cwwk appliances. Which is why you can flash the firmware without an issue. Doubt there is a "general concensus" one is better. I have the 6 port 2.5gbe i5 gen12 topton, 32gb ram with the cwwk unlocked bios. Proxmox, pfsense, openwrt and a couple of lxc's...
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    Unraid vs OMV For My Use Case?

    IMO, having used both I like unRaid better. That said unRaid has a price to unlock while OMV is free to use. For unRaid aside from the obvious google searches, watch spaceinvader one videos. He makes some good "how to's".
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    Hardware advice pfSense 1gig pppoe

    The good news is, if you stick with wireguard it is multicore capable unlike openvpn. That means single core clock speed is not as important as it is with openvpn. Your current FW4B (4 core I believe) will perform far better with wireguard than openvpn right out of the box because of this. If it...
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    Hardware advice pfSense 1gig pppoe

    If your current hardware can do it, keep it. Focus on a linux distro FW. Ipfire is good out of the box. If you care for a more customizable, lots of plug-ins (read more effort /learning curve) openWRT is great. Rtech gives some solid recommendations.
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    Asrock ROMED8-2T - On-Board VGA out not working

    I suspect it is your cable/converter solution. The biggest issue I see is this. VGA = analog HDMI = digital If your converter is passive then it almost certainly will not work. Requires an "active" converter to convert analog to digital. That requires a power source outside of the server &...
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    Asymmetric routing with pfsense and L3 switch

    I have been enjoying my refamiliarization with openWRT. 23.05 seems pretty good so far. I got a working LXC with passed through NICs in proxmox. What I found annoying with the LXC is the restrictions on host resource access (makes sense obviously). Ran into some routing issues I eventually gave...