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    EU [FS] no Sale

    I totally agree, I bothered Rollo with so many questions already and he's always helping out and technically excellent. Great to have him here. Just one question: what store did you get the board from and can you give me an indication of the $$$. I see them going from 1200€+ on Ebay right now.
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    EU [FS] no Sale

    Hi Rollo, what kind of board would take the platinum 8468 ES2 QYFP without issue? And what kind of clocks and performance (passmark maybe?) did you get with this chip?
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    EU [EU-SI] Lenovo m75n-iot (not verified) new with linux 179 EUR/win 11 pro 199 EUR

    Seems decent if you need that specific size and package. However, it is just about 20%/25% faster singlethreaded (multi about 1%-3% ish) compared to a J4125 or J4105 which you can find in a similar size package f.e. int he Futro S740 for significantly less. Also I just checked that 3050e has a...
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    EU [FS] no Sale

    Got the 8176 ES2 QL1F. Quick shipping, excellent packaging. And Rollo answered all of my technical questions super quickly. Would buy again anytime, thanks!
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    EU [DE] Fujitsu Futro S920 -> ~30€!!!

    Here you go: Fujitsu Futro S740 ThinClient Intel J4105 1.50GHz 8GB 16GB SSD Incl. Fuss & Netz | eBay I read the have accepted 50€ offers. I hope shipping doesn't ruin the deal for you. And for everyone else, there is also a lively discussion about it here: [refurbished] Fujitsu Futro S740 -...
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    EU [DE] Fujitsu Futro S920 -> ~30€!!!

    In case you guys missed it about two weeks ago the seller piospartslap on listed the Fujitsu Futro S740 (J4105, 8GB RAM, 16 GB SSD) for 62€. Offers of 50€ were accepted and a Promocode "PROMORESTORE22" could be applied for a total of 45,90€. They still have listings, give it a try maybe...
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    EMC Isilion NL410 HDD support

    Hi, does anyone know if The NL410 supports non EMC branded HDDs? How about changing controllers/MBs? And can anyone tell me how loud they are? I'm currently looking at these and they seem to be a pretty great deal for a 36x 3.5" solution with caddies. Any thoughts?
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    Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO S740 Inofficial max RAM

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking at a bunch of cheap S740 for a little, cheap, lower-powered cluster fun. The official specs claim 8GB RAM max (as does the intel ark page for the J4105 this machine is based on). I now that the Asrock J4105-itx has been tested with up to 32GB of RAM. Does...
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    EU [FS] no Sale

    Hi, this might be a bit of a noob question, but are there any boards that take 6330 or 8176 that are not 500€+?
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    IBM EXP3512 or EMC KTN-STL3

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me out. I'm just starting my homelab journey and am looking to build a "small" storage solution. I have come across some cheap IBM EXP3512s and EMC KTN-STL3s. I would like to use them as a DAS directly connected to my R520. Can anyone tell me if these support 8TB...
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    1U 12 x 3.5" server barebone with 10GbE - $95 shipped

    That's unfair, why can't I find deals like that in Germany :( Lucky bastards you!
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    UK -- Intel Xeon Silver 4112 -- 142£ + Shipping

    Even with a used mobo @ ~200€ I feel like this ain't really that competitive. Didn't xeon silver already have trouble competing at launch with Epyc in 2017. Didn't the initial review mention it not being a big upgrade over the e5 v4s? I suspect it's even worse now with the new line-ups and...
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    Converting old server gear

    Hey, I still have a few very old servers lying around and I'm wondering if throwing in some new MBs, backplanes, PSUs could work with some handy dandy dremel engineering. The idea is to make a new storage server on the cheap. I have the following that I could use basically as a barebones...
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    Converting an HP DL380e Gen8 14xLFF Server to a Disk Shelf

    Thanks for the reply. I was actually mostly thinking about getting two of these to work off of one 2 port SAS controller, that's why I asked. I'll try to dig a little deeper. Maybe I can come up with a very jank setup haha.
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    Converting an HP DL380e Gen8 14xLFF Server to a Disk Shelf

    Sorry for digging up this thread again. I was just wondering if the 2 port variant of the backplane requires both to be connected? Or is this just for multipath or failover?
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    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    You are right, sorry I must have overlooked that. I thought it was PCIE. I'mma think about something else.
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    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    Hi, what kind of HBA would be a good cheap option for this box? I was also thinking of getting a Gigabyte GA-C1037UN with an Celeron 1037U and some cheapo DDr3 for it. Does that sound good?
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Are there any good alternatives in regards to cheap boards that take DDR3 with these special e5 v3 cpus?
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    Are there any cheap, used, non-blowimatron, 2U, LGA1150 rackmount servers?

    Hi, I have a xeon 1230 v3 and 16GB ram lying around that I would like to put to good use in advancing my datahoarding issues, but I'm not sure how. Maybe you guys have some suggestions? I wanna go with a Netapp DS4243 or DS4246 for storage and need a server for it - hopefully one that fits the...
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    New Fujitsu D3348-B23 Motherboard (LGA2011-3), $200 OBO ($140 accepted), Ebay

    Just as an FYI. There are so many connectors because it's all 12V. It has to step down the voltage for HDDs and such on the board (afaik) and has output connectors going to the drives. There is a second version of the R940 with a POWER suffix - I suppose the upped the psu for the highest end...