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    Asymmetric routing with pfsense and L3 switch

    I’ll add another big endorsement of VyOS. It’s Debian with a switch-like config interface, which is great if you don’t like maintaining individual config files across a Linux installation. Despite the CLI, VyOS hides *very* little, if anything, that would otherwise justify working directly...
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    Searching for a small SFP+ and PoE+ Switch for my shed - 250ft fiber run

    Not OP but I’ve picked up a few at this point around that price on eBay. Sometimes you get lucky…
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    HP Z640 Headless Boot??

    I wonder if this would work on the Zx40 series (it did on my Z420):
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    Mellanox cards that can support 40gb

    It’s more likely they’re stuck in VPI/IB mode (I’ve had to manually switch mine over to ethernet mode). I haven’t had any transceiver compatibility issues with the Mellanox card itself, but it’s also possible that your Ubiquiti switch is picky
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    Vimin VM-S250402 4-port 2.5GbE and 2-port 10GbE Switch Review

    @Patrick have y’all tested the UART on those cheap switches? I’m wondering if management may be possible via the (very clearly) labeled RX/TX pins just above the heatsink.
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    Quantum FC LTO5 Drive - $26 Used Untested

    Yeaah, I didn’t know if the enclosure worked like a single drive shelf, adapting the drive interface. I did see the FC - makes things somewhat less appealing…
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    Quantum FC LTO5 Drive - $26 Used Untested

    If you shuck it, what’s the drive interface, SAS?
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    PCI passthrough to bhyve on SmartOS

    Did you get the right overlay files added to your USB boot drive? I’m no longer using pcie passthrough after an initial test a while back but remember that being a part of the effort.
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    10GBe NICs suggestions

    Yeah, I’m not so sure that prior information is right. QSFP+/28 uses four channels to reach 40/100Gbps, but plain old SFP+ is 10Gbps at the link layer. Only slight wrinkle is if you’re running iperf3, you might need more than one stream (using the ```-P``` option) to saturate the link, given...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by wanting to “put the L3 magic on”, but you’d typically want to pick a single L3 router rather than using multiple routers. A managed L2 PoE switch would let you configure VLANs on that device downstream of your 7250. You could also use an unmanaged PoE switch...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Only other box worth considering might be the Lenovo M920x which can take 2 M.2 SSDs on the bottom of the board and a 2.5” SSD/HD on top (or swap out the top 2.5” drive for a PCIE card if you get the riser).
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Interesting thing about that product is that the NVMe slots are PCIE x2, rather than the x1 slots in most (all?) other N5105 boxes off AliEx.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Do you need L3 routing on the switch itself? It looks like you could use pfsense to route based on L2 VLANs.
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    Subnet, routing and gateway: Basic question

    Agreed with @kpfleming. Tubs - from a route perspective, OSPF makes it easy to propagate routes between your switches (e.g., left room telling right room about its subnets; right room telling left room about its subnets), but that’s assuming you want separate subnets (and either don’t need or...
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    Samsung/Oracle F320 3.2TB NVME AIC $209.99 OBO

    Or even better yet, figured out a way to cross flash these to other OEMs’ firmware?
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    Aruba AP to IAP

    Can confirm RW to US @Originalus (haven’t tested the opposite but don’t see why it wouldn’t work)
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    @damex there was an old thread here about a Data Direct HBA/NIC combo card, but it doesn’t look like half height/half length and would require some hackery with the case.
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    @unmesh: a potential issue with that approach is many ZIF/SATA connectors don’t provide a 12V power rail that a 3.5” HD would expect/need (because most - if not all - 2.5” HDs only use the 5V rail). If you could only use that connection for data and then figure out a separate solution for power...
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    Dell Optiplex 3000 Thin Client

    You’re likely golden @foureight84 . It looks like this generation may have moved to NVMe v. SATA storage on the 5070s - that’d also give you an x4 M-Key to play with (assuming I’m reading between the lines of the spec sheet correctly)
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    Want to build a new server

    If you look at that OS compatibility list, the most recent Ubuntu version listed is 12.10 which is ancient. I’d wager that list is just incomplete. I’d echo the recommendation earlier for using a hypervisor, whether it’s Unraid (better if you’re focused on storage; you can run Windows VMs...