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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    Great info. I have a 27 inch ThinkCentre monitor that lenovo issued as a replacement but it has been sitting around for a couple of years unused. The tiny slots in the back. For a fun project I just bought an M90q gen 2, an nvidia T1000, and the riser and blank bracket from ebay seller...
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    SM 1U Epyc 3251: the good and almost good.

    Thankyou! Worked a charm. I set it to 75W (manual says factory is 55W). I also noticed a "Determinism Slider" setting in the same BIOS section and I went ahead and set that to "Power " (default is "Performance"). I don't know if that also affects boost, but it seems Performance mode is only for...
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    SM 1U Epyc 3251: the good and almost good.

    I just replaced a SM Xeon-D 1541 motherboard (X10SDV-8C-TLN4F) in a 1U SM 5018D-FN4T server (chassis: CSE-505-203B) with an Epyc 3251 board (M11SDV-8C-LN4F). The Xeon-D is being RMA'ed and out of cross-ship warranty. SM wouldn't make an exception so I decided to treat myself to a new board. I...