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    Xeon or Core i3 for Supermicro based build?

    Tell your friend his 13100 doesn't support ECC. On Alder Lake/Raptor Lake, you need 12500/13500+. Core i3 supporting ECC was for older generations where Xeons E3 didn't offered cheap Dual Core models so you have Ci3 supporting ECC whereas Ci5/Ci7 didn't. This is not the case anymore.
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    Q670E does not support ECC which is the big selling point of the W680. The only other Chipset that does is R680E, but you sacrifice overclocking capabilities, and not sure if there are any other reelevant features: Intel product specifications
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    I'm looking for W680 boards that have Intel Boot Guard disabled and ME in Manufacturing Mode (Albeit I recall than on some boards this was a Jumper, so it may potentially change) to propose as possible targets to port Coreboot to them. My prefered target was the ASUS PRO WS W680-ACE (IPMI or...
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    AMD EPYC Embedded 9004 Series Launched

    I recall than the EPYC Embedded 3000 series models based on double Zeppelin dies ThreadRipper style weren't particularly popular, saw few products using those. So, aren't these Genoa stupidly big for embedded? The Dual SPI thing reads almost like a sort of PSB (Platform Secure Boot) replacement...
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    ASRock Rack W680D4U-2L2T/G5 Motherboard Review An Intel Core Server Platform

    I'm here to rant about how I despise than Intel didn't bothered to update the W680 Chipset to 7xx generation silicon so that we could get the extra 8 PCIe 4.0 lanes (Upgraded from 3.0) of Z790 along with ECC. Rather interesing to see on the Block Diagram than it doesn't has a M.2 PCIe Slot...
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    New Workstation Kingpins Intel Xeon W-3400 Xeon W-2400 and W790 Launch

    Oh, why on earth did Intel used W790 as a Chipset name for a completely different platform than the Z690/Z790? Doesn't fit the naming scheme. Should have been named it W799 to match the already ancient X299.
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    Why DDR5 is Absolutely Necessary in Modern Servers

    I think than the most interesing part is that on DDR5 you can technically have ECC as 1 * 72 Bits Single Channel like in previous generations or 2 * 40 Bits Dual Channel. I don't recall than anyone mentioned before that both kinds were possible, so it seems that whenever you purchase DDR5 ECC...
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    “Dual” bifurcation?

    That is impossible. The PCIe Controller of the Processor only supports 16x, 8x/8x and 8x/4x/4x modes.
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    “Dual” bifurcation?

    Which adapters? Most likely you will not get them to work because you're using adapters that rely on platform supporting PCIe Bifurcation on one that doesn't.
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    Intel Does a 360 on Discontinuing VROC Around Sapphire Rapids Server Launch

    Isn't this one of the thing that would make sense to migrate to the on-demand service instead of requiring an actual physical Hardware key?
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    Intel VROC Hardware Key Quick Reference Guide

    Didn't VROC pretty much used CPU resources to do the RAID thing so it added substantial load on CPUs? What difference there was compared to previous Chipset fakeRAIDs then, than it could use PCIe NVMe?
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    Scalable IO Virtualization is Replacing SR-IOV

    So we have... SR-IOV on NICs SR-IOV on NVMe SSDs SR-IOV on GPUs (Tiger Lake+ Intel IGPs are the only ones affordable) SR-IOV on SAS HBAs (Theorically supported, NEVER ever seen one actually working) We're missing SR-IOV on USB (Actually, there was a proposed spec known as xHCI-IOV, which went...
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    X13SAV-PS ?

    Note than after some research it seems than they're NOT standard LGA 1700 CPUs. Alder Lake-PS is a mobile 6P+8E 96 EU die PLUS Chipset die on the same LGA package. Is unlikely than the pinout is the same than Alder Lake-S. For all practical purposes, treat it as if it was a totally different socket.
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    SolidRun Bedrock PC with the AMD Ryzen V3000 Series Coming

    WHAT? You mean someone finally figured out than Ryzen Embedded has 2x 10G MACs and made a product that ACTUALLY uses them?
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    EPYC 3rd Gen, Resizable BAR support

    If you want to risk a brick, you can try modding your Firmware.
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    AMD EPYC Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon in Stunning Fashion

    That entry level 1083 U$D EPYC 9124 seems... decent. 16C, 3.7 GHz for 1083 U$D with the beastly I/O of the Genoa platform, could make a viable ThreadRipper before ThreadRipper. I wonder how the 1P Motherboards looks.
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    How Bad are Chipset/PCH Lanes?

    On LGA 1700, Intel is using PCIe 4.0 for 8 Lanes for DMI between Chipset and Processor, whereas AMD on AM5 is using just 4, so you will most likely be bottlenecked on AM5 if you place it on Chipset lanes. Note than while from the point of view of the Processor plugging the NIC directly to it is...
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    EPYC 3rd Gen, Resizable BAR support

    Is nearly impossible than ReBAR is not supported. nVidia Teslas have been using it from before it became a hit on consumer space with AMD SAM, and EPYC has been popular for compute nodes with multiple nVidia GPUs, so... For reference, a Tesla A100 is supposed to use 64 GB BARs, and here is a...
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    Supermicro adopting Coreboot on some Sapphire Rapids / Ice Lake-X Motherboards

    I would expect than a video that they showed in a public event would have been looked at more closely and approved by someone, so I'm not expecting such a basic mistake there about a major Motherboard feature. So what I have to assume, than Ice Lake-X is officially dead but that the platform...
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    Supermicro adopting Coreboot on some Sapphire Rapids / Ice Lake-X Motherboards

    On the video I posted, at 1:54 they mention the X13SEW as a ICX-D platform. Which most likely stands for Ice Lake. I checked it already, but that is supposed to be Sapphire Rapids HEDT. The problem here is that Supermicro itself is telling that it is something else, unless they did a codename...