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    EU [FS]Juniper EX4550

    1000€ will get it shipped to you.
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    EU [WTB] Intertech 4u 4129N Case

    This does not apply when this would be the only case that suits your needs, but I had one a few years ago and considering the price, it is pretty low quality case and rather annoying to build and use.
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    EU [FS]Juniper EX4550

    OBO... i have no use for it. Trade for Synology RS possible.
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    EU [FS]Juniper EX4550

    I have a spare Juniper EX4550 and it comes with the EX4550-EM-8XT 8x10G module. Price: 1250€ Shipping only to EU.
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    EU Too good to be true? Getic - Mikrotik CRS510 for £651

    Mikrotik is based in Latvia...
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    DDR3 DDR4 RAM price trends thread.

    I woud love a lead on that :)
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    EU [FS] HP MIcroserver Gen8 - 16GB ECC RAM Xeon E3-1265L Quad Core

    Microserver Gen8 is pretty much the quietest server I have seen. Kind of feels like black magic.
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    EU [WTS] - [OnHold] - Supermicro Servers, NVME Optane P4801X, Switches, AP's and other loose items

    Does the SYS-5018A-FTN4 have the C2000 series bug fixed or is it a newer rev?
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    EU APC SMT2200RMI2U rack ears and or rails

    I'm looking for SMT2200RMI2U rack ears and rails in EU.
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    Looking for someone in the US to reship a small item to Europe ASAP

    The price calculator includes tax which isn't included in the UPS price.
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    New Home Build Wiring Recommendations 2020 Edition

    Any updates on fibre future-proofing? I'm thinking on installing OM4 MM, but have difficulties choosing the right cable. Maybe this 20m (66ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex OM4 Multimode PVC (OFNR) 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable - FS Germany ?
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    I have a 113MTQ-R400CB with PSU, caddies and rails if that would interest you.
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    After a few years of lurking, I bit the bullet with 2x 6450s. I was prepared for pain and many long hours, but no. The guide.... the guide.... I was done with the inital configuration in less than an hour. Few tips for other first timers: I had no problems using a PC with serial port and Cisco...
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    Supermicro B1SA4-2750F blade with 4 Atom C2750

    So that would be a pretty cool cluster in a box.