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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    Yeah, SMR drives have a very niche use. I ran them no problems in the past, in the form of the Seagate Archive drives, but my use case was ideal for them - running in an unRAID array that slowly filled with videos and the likes, and only read once in a while. I did try them in a Synology, and...
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    Best NAS software to use for my use case

    I don't know where you got your drives, or what you have them plugged in to, but if you're only getting 80-160MB/s, you need to do some serious troubleshooting. I see 200MB/s+ off a single drive in unRAID - they're WD Red 10TB in my unRAID box, which is a lowly i5-6500T, connected via 5Gb...
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    Netgear MS510TX Review This Is One Funky Switch

    Just got one of these switches, it's been in my Amazon wishlist for ages. My old Dell 2716 finally gave up, so pulled the trigger on the Netgear. I'll update once I get everything hooked up and tested.
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    WD Red & avoiding the SMR pitfall

    Eh, that's pretty crappy. I'm moving slowly over to Toshiba N300 drives, they've been excellent considering they're cheaper than WD. I've about 200 of them running at work with no failures so far. Just migrated to 12TB N300 at home, from shucked WD80EZZX.
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    The great unRAID to Windows rebuild...

    It's been a long time. 4 years or so since I moved over to unRAID, and all-in-all I've been happy. But, I've got the Windows Server itch again, so I've migrated my data over to a temporary data store, and I'm just about to start in to rebuilding my unRAID box to Storage Server 2016 Standard...
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    The truth about CPU power consumption

    The fact it only has 4x SATA ports on the board sort of sucks. Cooling of fast drives isn't great, as the whole machine is cooled by the rear 92mm fan. Slower drives like the WD Red, or Helium drives are fine, but something like a WD RE or Toshiba enterprise drive will run really hot...
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    The truth about CPU power consumption

    No, it's actually really pretty easy to get a server to idle less than 60W if you use anything made in the last 2 or 3 years. Dell T20 with Xeon and 4 HDD - idle 14W, peak consumption 80W while all drives spinning up, idle with drives spinning 40W. Fujitsu TX1310 with Xeon and 6 HDD - idle 12W...
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    unRaid 6

    More like RAID500, as it was a stripe of three RAID5. It's also known by it's other name: "Clusterf**k".
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    Did Samsung ever satisfactorily fix the 840 EVO?

    I have an 840 Evo (well, it's a OEM mSATA version, the PM851) in my laptop, and I've yet to see the slowdown issue. It's a reasonably heavy used drive, as the laptop is on 10-12 hours a day at least.
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    HDDs @ 10C, and Dropping

    I think it'd be a terrible idea. I had significant corrosion due to dew on a Poweredge 2950, and on the drives within it, because the local guy thought running the AC at 15C all the time was better for the server.
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    unRaid 6

    So...then UnRAID does support bitrot protection, as you can use btrfs as the file system. Of course, xfs is the other option, reiserfs is now depreciated in v6.
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    unRaid 6

    Surely btrfs protects against bitrot?
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    FS: Intel NUC DCCP847DYE

    Great job those machines, I also use my 847 NUC for remote access (Just using TeamViewer on Windows 7), and it also runs PVBeanCounter which links in with my solar panels and my power meter to link up to I've mine fitted in a TranquilPC passive case. I think there's 12GB of RAM...
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    2.5" HD Suggestions

    Most of the servers at work have the 500GB Constellation.2 in them, and we've had zero issues. Both SATA and SAS versions. They're 7200rpm, 15mm drives. I have a pair here, and they're OK, one was DOA so was replaced by Seagate.
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    WD makes a few different enterprise drives (Re, Se, RE4, etc), and then there's the HP, Dell and Lenovo specific firmwares... HPG1 is a 'RE3' firmware, 01.01A01 seems to be a 'Se'.
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    White and Gold or Blue and Black - what did you see

    In my defense, I have a few issues with colour, grays often seem brown, and I've serious issues differentiating green and blue.
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    White and Gold or Blue and Black - what did you see

    White and gold here. The wife saw blue and black.
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    What OS to use?

    Hyper-V is better for passing through drives. ESXI is better for passing through PCI and USB devices.
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    Which ESXi "All-in-One" NAS is easiest to install/learn/use?

    No problems with it here, though it is running on a beefy machine. It goes as fast as Windows 2012R2 on the same machine. unRAID6 runs a very modern linux kernel, and they're running the latest version of SAMBA. You can also run a cache drive, which speeds things up. Writing directly to the...
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    NAS lag when I go to a file share

    I did have a similar issue at work, once or twice in 6 years. Restarting DNS on the domain controller fixed it.