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    $130 FS + Tax: Fusion-io 2.4TB MLC ioDrive2DUO HP: 673648-B21 W/Bracket

    Hi All, I know that the Fusion IO cards are popular here. Pros: Size. $/GB. Endurance Cons: Full size. Power. Driver needed (vs NVME) eBay Link: Endurance Reference on Page 5: Specs, Review: Fusion-io...
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    eBay Possible 20% discount (10% eBucks + 10% Coupon)

    eBay today has 10% eBucks (in App, 5% otherwise) which is valid until 9/19 (Thursday). You can potentially combine this with the 10% off coupon which some of us have received (valid until 09/30). I have mentioned the 10% off coupon in this STH thread...
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    eBay 10% off. Expires 09/30. Max $50. Limit 1 use

    This 10% coupon is not available to the general public (I think) as I can see it only when logged in (website and app). Code: TEN4FALL Details: Don’t Stop Now! Take 10% Off. | eBay Enjoy!
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    $100 +ship: Supermicro CSE-813m i3-6100 1U Server X11SSL/M (-F) barebones

    Hi! I figured some of you here would like to grab this deal. FYI: This server needs DDR4 ram, HDD's and caddies. 3/3 available at time of post. Enjoy!
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    15% off eBay on 11/21: Code PICKFAST. 8AM ET to 8PM ET

    APP EXCLUSIVE! Stolen from /r/buildapcsales Details at: App-Exclusive, Sitewide* Coupon! Enjoy. Edit: Max $100 off
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    $165 or OBO + Ship: Dell R210 II E3-1240 32GB DDR3

    Only 1 available. Ship varies by Zip. Cheapest to West Coast FYI: Check your mailbox for eBay 10% Bucks offer on purchases of $150+ Enjoy!
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    eBay: 10% Off EVERYTHING! code PICKUPTEN. Ends 8AM EST Friday 10/26

    Max $100 off. 10% Off EVERYTHING* Enjoy. Edit: Code is already active.
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    $335 or less: Intel/Oracle SSD DC P3605 Series 1.6TB NVMe/PCIe

    10 available. Volume pricing available. Firmware needs to be updated to RA13 (item label and experience says that the firmware is always RA10). P.S. Intel update tool does not work on this. Use the following thread to update firmware from Oracle...
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    $160 OBO: HGST Ultrastar HUSMM8080ASS201 800GB

    4 available. These are the SAS3 versions. Spec Sheet: Enjoy!
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    800GB Micron 500DC 95 USD

    Back in stock from seller in 2nd post. 25 available. Enjoy!
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    $230: Dell Precision T1650 Xeon E3 V2 machine with 32GB DDR3 No HDD

    E3 1240 V2 w/32GB DDR3 Worth the memory alone (for some)! Watch out for the weak PSU (275W?)
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    $113 OBO: HGST HUSSL4040ASS600 35PBW/50DWPD

    9 available at time of post. Please go easy on the BO (100% of the proceeds go to charity!). Good Luck!
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    eBay 15% off on 09/27: Code PICKSOON

    The code is now live!
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    eBay 15% off on 09/27: Code PICKSOON

    Stolen from /r/buildapcsales 15% Off Everything! Use coupon code PICKSOON by 6pm PT Max $100 off orders $25+. One (Awesome) Day Only! Enjoy!
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    $185 + Ship: HGST Ultrastar SAS - SSD800MM HUSMM8080ASS201 800GB

    Seller has listed 2. Claims to have 8. seussdr | eBay Enjoy!
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    SuperMicro A1SRI-2558F Mini-ITX Motherboard $110 + ship

    FYI: 3 more available at the time of this post.
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    SuperMicro A1SRI-2558F Mini-ITX Motherboard $110 + ship

    Decent price for older tech. Shipping is $12 and does not increase a lot for additional items. 4/6 available.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 SR1A7 2.50GHz 25MB 10-Core $120 + ship Listed at $135 + $10 ship. BO accepted at $120. Shipping does not increase for multiple purchases. 23/25 available at time of post. Good Luck.
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    $290 FS: Intel SSD DC S3700 800GB SSDSC2BA800G3 2.5"

    Only 1 available. Good Luck!
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    $130 FS: Lot of 20 SanDisk 16GB SATA SSD - SDSA5AK-016G-1014

    Good for boot/log drives. Lot of 20 SanDisk 16GB SATA SSD - SDSA5AK-016G-1014, Clean and Tested | eBay 3 of 5 lots left. Good Luck!