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    Epyc 7443P and all those missing 7003 Epycs + next Threadripper info

    So scan is now showing 7443P's expected end of January 2022. What the actual **** is going on for anyone who wants one who isn't a hyperscaler or government-funded supercomputer?
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    Ceph blustore over RDMA performance gain

    Oh that's not good, I was counting on Ceph to give me 50 GB/sec if I paired it with some nvmes and connectx edr cards. What's a good fast free cluster file system that talks efficiently over infiniband and scales out well and is like Ceph? Do people run Cephfs or mount a block device as a...
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    Why such a poor Epyc Workstation MB lineup?

    Aww way to get my hopes up. It's using their S8030GM2NE motherboard which doesn't allow 4 double slot GPU, *plus* others. Using a double slot in the top one, mechanically covers up the other. Epyc is poorly served by its workstation motherboard lineup compared to Intel/Xeon. I just want to run...
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    Why such a poor Epyc Workstation MB lineup?

    Why does it have to fit into a common form factor? Whatever form factor the dual Xeon board pictured in December 2018 (third post this thread) is, would work. Just do that, but with EPYC? Why is that apparently impossible?
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    Why such a poor Epyc Workstation MB lineup?

    I'm going to resurrect this and ask again, cos it's now two and a half years later so maybe: Is there an extant single socket EPYC workstation motherboard with 4 d o u b l e s p a c e d x16 pcie slots so it doesn't cover up the rest? My dream plan is 4 x MI100's with a 7443P for a little...