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    FS: 19x 6TB and 34x 12TB SATA Hard Drives - assorted models

    Sorry for delay - had some unexpected travel pop up. Have had some items sell via ebay, so updated the post and will reply to outstanding PMs now.
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    FS: 19x 6TB and 34x 12TB SATA Hard Drives - assorted models

    HGST: WD site indicates "-" WD Golds: WD site shows 10 with expired warranty, 10 with warranty not yet expired: 4x Mar 24, 4x Apr 27, 1x May 17, 1x Dec 1 -- all 2023. HC520s: WD site shows all 10 thru Dec 31, 2023 I was not advertising warranty as I am not sure how WD acts without proof of...
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    FS: 19x 6TB and 34x 12TB SATA Hard Drives - assorted models

    Hi all, Finally getting around to selling some previous rounds of home server drives... All are listed on ebay (with pictures), where my store & username match my username here. Starting prices are my ebay prices, so any direct deal here is discounted. I would love to 1) get these cleared out...
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    Interesting - description on my invoice says “Micron 3 Year Limited Warranty”. Same capacity? Mine are the 3.2tb version.
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    $380 Micron 3.2TB S630DC SAS SSD & other capacities available

    Has anyone dealt with Micron warranty on these? I had one drop out of an Unraid cache pool of four this week and now Unraid is showing it as read-only. Still planning on doing some testing/troubleshooting on another system, but I remembered that I bought these new from this thread and seemingly...
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    Free 2.5" EMC drive caddies + interposers (you pay shipping)

    I've got ~25 drive caddies with what I think are SAS interposers. They came off of EMC branded HGST drives and have been sitting in a box for far too long. From quick search of the part number on the stickers, people will seemingly pay a few bucks for them on ebay, but I'd rather have them out...
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    15.36tb SAS 12gbps SSD $1800 OBO

    I'm not sure how you found the firmware issue, but I have qty of similar drives with different HPE model number - V0015300JWCNL. Any issues there? Still PM1633a 15.36TB SAS, MZ-ILS15T0 drives. I've been meaning to start a FS thread for a bit now... suppose I can match these prices ($1800/ea...
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    PMS 4.0...PMS 5.0...PMS 6.0...No PMS 7.0! Plex/Storage server upgrade [PICS]

    Funny - I saw your post on Reddit but couldn't get it to load ("Loading..."). But recognized your username from [H] and wondered if you'd post here, as well, and here we are... :D Great build and specs are not too far from what I'm currently rocking. It should treat you well. I've been...
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    Asrock Dual 2011-3 under $100

    I stumbled across these the other day and dug around a little bit without luck. Found a couple others also trying to figure out how & where to source the referenced "ASRock Rack system board" but no actual answers. Ultimately decided it wasn't worth the hassle for something I would need to...
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    WTB 8180 or 8176 xeon platinum pair

    I’ve got a pair of Platinum 8173m chips... let me know if of interest. :)
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    SOLD: AMD Threadripper Combo (MB/CPU/AIO Cooler) - gone

    Picked this set up from msvirtualguy in this thread, but don't really need it and have not had the time to play with it like it deserves... so testing the waters here. Asrock x399m Taichi -- runs ~$300 new, seeing similar prices on ebay AMD Threadripper 1950x -- runs ~$600 new, $500+ on ebay...
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    Looking for 2+ NVMe card without bifurcation need

    Broadcom makes some tri-mode (SATA/SAS/NVME) HBAs that may fit the bill for you. See here - SAS/SATA/NVMe Host Bus Adapters I believe there are breakout cables available that allow for 2 NVME drives/port.
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    FS: AMD Threadripper Combo (MB/CPU/AIO Cooler)

    So... I had picked this up thinking it would make a nice, though unnecessary, upgrade for my Plex box. I've subsequently acquired dual Epyc (!) and dual Xeon Scaleable setups (!) and just don't have the time or need for everything - especially considering I'm leaving for my honeymoon in a couple...
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    Supermicro onboard LSI3008 from IR to IT mode

    I just updated the onboard LSI in an Asrock D1541D4U-2T8R using the instructions in the first post. Thanks! :)
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    FS: AMD Threadripper Combo (MB/CPU/AIO Cooler)

    Replied to email... I can take the combo. This community is terrible for my wallet! :eek:
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    For Sale: SAS SSDs and PCIe Accelerators

    Nothing else currently listed here is HP branded. The 15tb drives not yet listed are HPE drives - still noodling on those though. PMs replied. HGST s1122 accelerators are pending to Terry Wallace. Some nibbles on other drives, but nothing confirmed yet.
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    For Sale: SAS SSDs and PCIe Accelerators

    I've accumulated too many SSDs -- if that's possible -- but hoping to clear some out. I'll add to this post as I inventory and figure out what I can use, but some more HGST (1.6tb HUSSMs), Intel (couple s3500s/s3700s) , and Samsung (1.92tb sm863 & 1.6tb sm865a) enterprise drives should be...
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    NVME PM963 2.5" 960GB $300

    Mine is only PCIE x8, but is a 4port version. Allegedly going to support a mess of drives ..."at a later release"... we'll see! :)