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    Supermicro x12SPL-F won't boot with a GPU in slot 6 - a weird issue...

    Sounds a bit like a BIOS fault, the DXE should do things like enumerate the bus and then load and GPU EFI ROM if needed. A reset at that stage seems like a crash to me. Does it also happen if you don't boot into VMWare but instead boot into something else? And does it happen on warm reboots, or...
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    EU 2x Xeon Platinum 8259CL - EBay >> 210.00 EUR or ~229.00 US

    You can also turn this around: Why didn't AMD make socket-to-socket connections better? The reason is they made cores-per-package better. :p
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    EU 2x Xeon Platinum 8259CL - EBay >> 210.00 EUR or ~229.00 US

    Also makes me wonder how they hold up against the Epyc kits, you'd probably need to go dual-socket to match those. On the other hand, if you want Intel and not AMD those aren't an option.
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    Debian on Mellanox SN2700 (32x100G)

    I wish more switch ASICs did this :cool: Just use switchdev and upstream your bloody modules already!
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    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    The expansion card that's used inside this thing lists the specifics:
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    It does look like the wcn7851 chip this card is based on is specifically designed to be a 8x8 MIMO 2x2 Antenna client card (does all sorts of things like hardware accelerated audio processing), but it also has MLO which is super useful for an AP so you can use multiple bands at once which is...
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    802.11be the cheap way.... <$40

    Depending on the embedded PPE, NPU and DSP a client card can still do quite a good AP job; back in the day the difference was very small, then the difference got very big for a while (client vs. AP) but now due to the larger amount of concurrent connections and WiFi-Direct (and AWDL...
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    ARM-based 4-Port (2x1, 2x2.5) Mini PC spotted on AE

    So I was doing some idle browsing for interesting hardware with network ports on it, and spotted this one: It's apparently a quad-core Rockchip SoC combined with Realtek chips to make for a four port mini PC with two 2.5G ports and two 1G...
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    Cisco MultiGig WS-3850 Switches?

    Without looking at the models our in our Cisco portal, I'd say: it's Cisco, licensing issues is their brand :p
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    Need your opinion on the Western Digital HSMR drives for Raid Storage.

    They are host-managed, which means you need to do disk management on the host side. In general terms, if you have to ask, then no, it isn't fit for your purpose. (unless this is Hybrid SMR in which case all bets are off)
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    Celestica Questone 2 (D3030) NOS

    If it is a Trident 3 and the port configuration isn't stored in the firmware, you might be able to run the SONiC for Seastone_2 since that is also x86 and Trident 3. The images are all the same for each ASIC and CPU combination, but I haven't looked into the SONiC architecture to find out how it...
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    Flash Coreboot to Aliexpress / Topton appliance....Protectli's Flashli script?

    BootGuard wasn't enabled on Qotom models, but I don't have any Alder Lake lying around to check. I do know that they also don't disable the manufacture mode pins from the PCH so jumping those actually does a lot of bypassing (which is important for the initial flash).
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    Supermicro Industrial Atom E50-40 SYS-E50-9AP-N5 Goldmont Server 29130EC Brand New $75 $8.00 shipping

    On one hand, I really like SuperMicro and love little tiny embedded boxes, on the other hand the CPU is old (~2016), expansion is near absent, the ethernet ports are 1Gbps and the errata makes me wonder how long they will last. But on the other more different hand, I put 2 in my basket...
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    That older supermicro case is an interesting option, I figured the fans might not be able to supply enough but considering you can do 80mm that would provide plenty. Yeah, the Supermicro screwing situation is a bit.. screwy. I haven't planned my rack replacement yet so I'm not sure if it'll be...
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    AMD EPYC 7302p+ Supermicro H11SSL-i version 2

    What cases are you all using to house these setups?
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    OK, this is driving me nuts - Cable labeling

    The smaller labels won't work (as posted), you'll need a more professional printer for that, but either way, you can also opt for the in-between option where you get a flat label that is designed to wrap over itself, brother manufactures variations of those as seen in this advertisement: It's...
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    OK, this is driving me nuts - Cable labeling

    I think it depends on the shrink ratio, if you get one that fits the RJ45 plug and then a shrink ratio so it stays on the cable it should be fine. This is 3:1 if I'm not mistaken: That means that if you get 6mm with a 3:1 it should pass 18mm connectors (but most are bigger on the end that...
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    Samba & FreeBSD 13.2 strange read behavior

    I'd separate the problems; run a Samba share on a Ramdisk to verify SMB performance, and in parallel try a different protocol to see if that performs differently (i.e. NFS, DD over TCP via netcat or even FTP).
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    Poweredge 7525 Raid controlers

    Have you looked into using something like NFS loopback or iSCSI loopback by using a small host on the boot datastore to do ZFS hosting of the NVMe drives and then share it to the ESXi as a datastore for everything else? Doesn't work if you don't have enough CPU and Memory resources but otherwise...
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    Topton Motherboard No SATA drives found

    Sounds like defective hardware, best contact the seller or marketplace where you got it.