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    10TB Drives in ZFS?

    Hello, Are 10TB drives recommended to use in a ZFS setup with 2 for redundancy? I ask because I have run into several comments on Slickdeals and reddit where they say bigger drives like that are not as reliable and the rebuild time just for one drive would take forever. I was thinking to pick...
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    Pool Degraded - Help!

    Hello, I noticed my file server acting really slow last few weeks but was too busy to investigate until now. Even napp-it would not be able to pull Napp-it would not even be able to retrieve anything from the Disks or Pools sections. It would keep loading and loading, even hour later. Finally...
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    Updating OmniOS r151014 to Latest?

    Hello, I am moving in the next few days. I plan to keep my fileserver at my parents home. It has not been updated in ages. It is just for storage with ZFS. What is the best method to update it, should I do a complete fresh install from scratch or do an update? If an update, what commands would...
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    Tutorial: Updating IBM M1015/LSI 9211-8i Firmware on UEFI Systems

    Purpose: A proper MODERN tutorial on updating the firmware on the IBM M1015 on a UEFI system, in my case my IBM M1015's were already crossflashed to LSI 8211-8i long ago with the older P16 firmware which I wanted to update to the latest firmware. It is the same process either way. This tutorial...
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    Replace Drive With IOStat Error "S:0 H:5 T:1" ?

    Hello, I have noticed for the past month that my fileserver has been slightly slower then normal. Sometimes certain full blu-ray ISO's even skip here and there when streaming. Last time this happen was when a drive started going bad, however that drive had tons of errors and failed smart tests...
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    smbd Notice?

    Any idea what this error means? I see it when logging onto my OmniOS shell, which I rarely do. Who knows how long this has been going on for. Could it have something to do with Plex by any chance? I have it installed on another machine. The data is stored on the OmniOS. Is there way to see...
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    Help! OmniOS Major Severity Error!

    Hello, My fileserver has been working flawlessly until yesterday. I was streaming movies and everything kept skipping, this has never happen before. I logged in to the VM and got the following error below. I restarted the server, and it is still slow! It seems that network connection is...
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    Unable to delete a certain folder on OmniOS + napp-it?

    Hello, I am running into a weird issue. I downloaded a folder with data via FTP. It had lots of different characters and spaces in the folder name. I was finally able to rename it to something shorter after download was complete, however I can no longer delete the folder now. I have...
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    WTB: 16GB DDR3 ECC Unregistered

    Found, thank you!
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    IBM M1015 - Most stable firmware?

    Hello, I currently have 2x M1015's in IT mode. They are in full pass-through mode for ZFS. They are currently on P16 firmware from two years ago when I originally built the server. I plan to update the firmware. What is the most stable? I have read a few people having issues with the latest...
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    Importing Pool While Transfering Over Permissions?

    Hello, Long story short, I initially created my OmniOS VM size way too small and now I cannot update OmniOS due to lack of free space. Even after deleting older BE's. Also, I installed some random things while in the learning process which I do not remember what they were but no longer need. I...
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    Updating OmniOS + napp-it?

    Hello, I installed OmniOS (OmniOS_Text_r151006p.iso) and napp-it (v0.9b3 nightly) this past summer. I just use it for fileserving needs with ZFS. All through ESXi v5.1 Update 1. How do I update OmniOS to the latest version, including patches etc? Also, how do I update napp-it? A step by...
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    napp-it Folder Shares - Help!

    Hello, I desperately seek the help of STH. Spent over 2 hours playing around with ACL permissions on napp-it and cannot figure it out! Using ZFS on latest version of OmniOS + napp-it. Basically, I would like to create two user accounts. User A, which should have full read/write permissions...
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    napp-it/OmniOS User Account Issue

    Hello, I recently deleted my primary VM of OmniOS with napp-it on ESXi v5.1. I am new to all of this, and changed around a lot of settings for learning/testing/stressing purposes. I finally built a new OmniOS VM from scratch. Re-installed OmniOS, but this time imported my 30TB pool, which...
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    Upgrading ESXi v5.1 to v5.5?

    Hello, I recently finished building/configuring my home All-In-One, which is on ESXi v5.1 Update 1. I did not realize that there is now ESXi v5.5! I have ESXi installed to a USB flash drive. Is there a recommended way to upgrade to v5.5? With Windows OS, I personally always do fresh install's...
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    ESXi + OmniOS w/ napp-it - Optimizations/Recommended Settings?

    Hello, I have a newly built All-In-One. It is currently on ESXi v5.1 Update 1 with just one VM installed currently, OmniOS with napp-it. Server Specs: Intel E3-1230v2 32GB 1600 ECC UDIMM SuperMicro X9SCM-IIF 2x IBM M1015 (IT Mode) connected to 10x Toshiba 3TB in RAIDZ2 1x 16GB...
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    ESXi v5.1 Tweaks/Optimizations/Recommended Settings?

    Hello, I am in the process of building my first All-In-One server. Will be using ESXi v5.1 w/ OI + napp-it, primarily for ZFS use. I also want to have 2-3 other non-critical VM's to play around with such as PFsense, 2008 R2 etc. System Specs: E3-1230v2 32GB 1600 ECC UDIMM SuperMicro...
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    Chassis that Supports 12 drives + 1 SSD for under $250?

    Hello, I am looking for a chassis that will support 12 3.5" drives plus an additional 1x SSD. Do not want to spend over $250. The Norco/Supermicro's are too big/bulky for me as server will be sitting in my bedroom. I currently have the Fractal Design R4, which I will most likely stick...
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    Wtb: Ibm m1015

    Hello, I am in need of a IBM ServeRAID M1015. Preferably one that comes with a full sized bracket. Looking for a reasonable price as I am already past my budget on this build. :c( Can pay any method to reduce fees if you have good heatware/ebay rep. Thanks!
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    Which RAM & Mobo for Xeon E3-1230 V2?

    Hello, I selected the wrong parts for an All-In-One box I want to build for home usage. I should have went with an ECC system instead of the 3930k non-ECC route. :c( I am now going to go with an Xeon E3-1230 v2. I will be running ESXi v5.1 with OI + napp-it 24/7. I will also be running few...