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    Dell S4810p firmware files

    Hello Anyone have the latest firmware files for the Dell Force10 s4810p switch? I bought a switch off ebay but the firmware is old. Also has anyone been able to load a web interface on this?
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    High Performance Render Farm networking

    Hey Guys, I have a render farm with 150 clients and it keeps getting larger over time. My main server where all the clients are working off of has a 10gbps Mellanox X2 card. But all the bandwidth of that card is used up. I want to add more clients but the server network connection is the...
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    WTB: Gaming PC or Workstation

    I need to buy a high end gaming pc or workstation for some 3d content creation. In the NJ/NY area. I need one in the next 2 days, If anyone is selling a whole pc or some parts please let me know. Anything with 6 cores or more and at least 16gb of memory.
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    FS: Intel Xeon Server Cluster - 37 Servers Total - $7000 for all

    Quanta QSSC-2ML Server Cluster – 37 Servers total - $7,000 or OBO Will to sell each server Individually for $300 or OBO Each server specs Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 SR0KX 2.60 GHz 64GB DDR3 ECC Memory Each server has a 3.5 inch sata hard disk varies in size from 160gb to 500gb. 1x Quanta LB8 10G...
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    FS: Lot of DDR4 ECC Memory

    1.) 15x - SK Hynix 16gb HMA82GR7AFR4N 2400T DDR4 ECC Memory - SOLD 2.) 9x - Samsung 16gb M393A2G40DB0 2133P DR4 ECC Memory - $110 each or OBO 3.) 2x - SK Hynix 16gb HMA82GR7AFR4N 2666v DDR4 ECC Memory - SOLD 4.) 6x - SK Hynix 8gb HMA41GR7MFR4N 2133P DDR4 ECC Memory - $60 each or OBO CONUS...
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    WTB: 10tb or 8tb drives for a total of 250tb

    Looking to purchase 250tb worth of drives, in the size of 10tb or 8tb each drive. Willing to buy in chunks and all the drives don't have to be the same make and model.
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    Refurbished Western Digital Drives on Ebay Scam or Real?

    There are alot of refurbished western digital hard drives on ebay from new sellers with 0 feedback. WD Gold 10TB Datacenter Hard Drive 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 256MB Cache WD101KRYZ 718037847733 | eBay WD Gold 10TB Datacenter Hard Drive 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 256MB Cache WD101KRYZ 718037847733 |...
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    FS: Intel 5820k Six core cpu - used

    I have 5x - Intel 5820k cpus for sale. $250 each including shipping to CONUS or OBO. All were never overclocked and in a liquid cooled system. Upgraded the my systems with new cpus so looking to sell these off.
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    WTB: Xeon v4 es cpus

    I need to purchase 8-10 Xeon v4 ES cpus with 14 cores or more. I need them for 3d rendering. On a tight deadline. Anyone know where i can find good deals on ES cpus.
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    Dual CPU - 1 socket bad bluescreens

    Hey, I have a Supermicro X11 DPH-T motherboard with 2 Intel ES cpus installed. If I install only one cpu in this board it is perfectly stable. But if i Install a cpu in the CPU2 socket then i get random bluescreens and restarts. The bluescreen errors are written as "whea uncorrectable...
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    Single vs Dual CPU performance differences?

    Hey, I have 3 of the same model Intel 24 core ES Cpus. 1 of them is in a single socket supermicro motherboard 2 of them are in a Dual Socket Supermicro motherboard. The system with 2 of the cpus doesn't perform at double the speed of the single cpu system. I am rendering 3d animations, and I...
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    ES cpu issues with Supermicro

    Hey, I just bought some ES cpus for the first time and have a dual socket supermicro motherboard. I bought the model of the motherboard that the seller of the cpu's said would work. When i boot the system i keep getting a Memory Training Failed error. The screen is stuck on this. I have one...
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    Replacing Hard Drive Heads at home

    I have a co worker who is adamant on Repairing hard drives in house. Meaning opening them and replacing the heads. He learned this from youtube videos. Also he wants to partition out the bad sectors to separate partitions so those hard drives with bad sectors can be used again. I have doubts...
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    Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ Memory Errors

    I recently bought a supermicro 36bay chassis with a Supermicro X9DRi-LN4F+ motherboard. I have installed Unraid on this server but i keep getting memory errors in the SEL of the motherboard and in Unraid Logs The erros are similar to the below link Bug 875194 – sbridge: HANDLING MCE MEMORY...
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    Quanta LB6M to Mellanox Connectx-2 fiber connection

    Hey, I have a Quanta LB6M switch and want to connect to a pc with a mellanox Connectx-2 card over fiber cable. Can someone give some links to where i can purchase compatible cables and Transceivers.
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    Mellanox Connectx-2 Fiber Cable recommendation

    Hey, I want to connect my NAS to a pc over 50ft fiber cable. I have Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in each system. So, can someone please give some links to compatible transceivers and Fiber Cables for a setup like this. Thanks for the help
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    RAIDz2 vs Raid 6

    I am thinking about creating a home server with 100TB of total space. I wanted to use Raid 6 but wanted to know if Raidz2 in ZFS would be faster than RAID 6 for read and write performance.
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    WTB Supermicro chassis with at least 12 bays (3.5")

    Looking for a Supermicro chassis or Server with at least 12 3.5" bays. The more bays the better and the chassis has to have at least a SAS2 backplane as i Intend to use it with drives larger than 4tb.
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    WTB i5 skylake or kabylake CPU

    Looking to purchase a i5 cpu either skylake or Kabylake versions.
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    Quanta QSSC-2ML Wake on Lan

    Hey, I just bought a few Quanta QSSC-2ML servers. The problem i cant get these to wake on lan. I see no options for Wake on Lan from within the Network Card options in windows 10. And cant seem to find that option in the BIOS either. Does any know how to get Wake on Lan to work for these...