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    Newbie - X470D4U / ryzen 3700X - Network issues

    Hi, *, again . I'm going into network problems this time . The network is quite old and have several patches (switches and also some hubs!) . After several rounds I got to copy (scp) a 40GB file from one existing server to a kvm guest at this computer at gigabit speed . At 18GB the copy...
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    newbie: ASRockRack IPMI / Remote Control : trigger boot menu from bmc KVM using F11?

    Motherboard Asrock Rack X470D4U uses F11 key to trigger boot menu on star . F11 on web browsers is used to get the window on full screen. How to get the way through F11 key when trying to trigger the boot menu from the browser? Thanks
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    Newbie - X470D4U / ryzen 3700X : RAM (CT16G4DFD832A x 2) is running at 2400 MHZ

    Hi * . The board is running fine so far . What puzzles me it that I saw on bios it was running @ 2666 MHZ and now is @ 2400 MHZ . RAM is supposed to run @3200 MHZ but it doesn't . dmidecode lists : Handle 0x001A, DMI type 17, 84 bytes Memory Device Array Handle: 0x000F Error...
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    Newbie, first post : X470D4U no video output (on installed video card)

    Hi *. This is my first "server motherboard" ever . BMC version is 1.90.00 and "ROM" (bios?) version is 3.30 As I cannot figure how install an OS using IPMI, the first thought was install a video card . But there is no video signal still ... HELP ! Thanks