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    WTB - UNAS NSC-800 or NSC-810(A or not)

    Hi, as the title says. I'm interested in buying a UNAS NSC-800 or NSC-810. If someone has out-grown their NAS to something bigger and has this laying around, please let me know. I'm not interested in paying ~ $245 for one, so I'm hoping someone has it cheaper. Thanks!
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    WTB : Supermicro C275x motherboard and 1U PSU Bracket

    Hi, I'm looking for two things: A reasonably priced Supermicro C2758 mini-ITX motherboard (A1SRI-2758F). I don't want a case with it, but I don't mind if it's sold with RAM. If anyone has one they don't need, let me know. A 1U PSU bracket. I don't know why, but it seems like trying to find a...