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    Wanted for EU : ECC DDR3 Modules

    Hi, Anyone with spare DDR3 ECC modules? Im looking for 8GB sticks DDR3 ECC, at least 10600R, and willing to send to EU!!! Depending and if the price is right, Im looking for 25-30. Same manufacturer/latencies as much as possible. Let me know your price!!! Thanks!!!
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    EU For sale : IBM Tape stuff for sell

    Hi guys, I've got from a decomissioned business a few of tape units for sell. They are used so probably the best use for these are training/testing/lab. Hope the prices are fair but let me know if they are high. All have SCSI-LVD connector : * IBM Library TS3100 - LTO 3 drive . Price : 200€...
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    EU Fusion-IO PCIe 2.0 785GB MLC Flash ioDrive2 - 250$ + 20$ shipping

    Not very much offers on this on EU, so, here we go. Btw, first post here so be gentle. Accepted BO of 250$ + 20$ shipping. The item is in Hungary (no custom fees). He also seems to provide an invoice if you are a company. Fusion-IO PCIe 2.0 785GB MLC Flash ioDrive2 F00-001-785G-CS-0001 SSD...