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    Slow SMB Read Speed, Fast Write | ZFS on Linux | Ubuntu 18.10

    Hello Guys, I got some strange problems with a new ZFS-Setup and SMB-Share: when copying files from a client machine to the server, I see around 400 - 500 MB/s transfer speeds. If I copy the same file from the server to the client, I only reach 150 MB/s. That seems way too low... On the...
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    Realizing NAS-Storage using Proxmox

    Hello everyone, I have discovered this forum just a few days ago, but are already blown away by the knowledge and kindness here :) I am currently running Proxmox on an i5-4440 with 32GB non-ECC RAM with ZFS [4x 2TB-WD-RED in striped mittor (each mirror consists of 2 WD-RED) and a mirrored 250...
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    IBM Blade Networks G8124-E Rack Switch 24x 10Gb SFP+

    I think this switch might be interesting for someone looking for an affordable 10Gb SFP+ Switch ;) IBM Blade Networks G8124-E Rack Switch 24x 10Gb SFP+ Ports w/ 2x PSU + Rack Ears | eBay
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    Hello Guys, I am looking for DDR3 ECC UDIMM 8GB RAM sticks. In total I need 4 of them. They are intended for use in a x10sl7-f. Delivery is to 79400 Kandern, Germany I would like to pay around 150€ for all 4 RAM sticks. Greetings, Alex