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    SOLVED: Huawei HSSD D5223 NVME drive I Can not format

    Hi! I've got a little problem using Huawei HSSD-D5223 Nvme drive. I can see it under HDsentinel and under win10 diskmanagment but can not format, and can not make a partition on the drive. Could it be the problem that the drive has 520 byte sector? Or something else?
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    Seagate ST1600FM008 TCG encryption driver works with non-TCG controller???

    Hi! I want to buy this drive but not sure that's works with a standrad SAS controller that not TCG compatible. It's a new drive, never used, can I use it without TCG encrypton with a standard SAS controller or it's just works only in TCG mode?
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    ADATA SR1020 2TB SSD not working

    Hi! I have an ADATA SR1020 2TB SSD and try to use it in my X99 setup but it doesn't work... I didn't see it in the nvme setup and under win 10... I use with a SFF8639 cable with this cable my Micron P320h works flawlessly... Any idea?
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    HP SSD not supported by raid controller

    Hi! I have a HP HITX5541904-A SSD. This is truly a Hitachi HGST HUSSL4040ASS drive. I want to use it with my adaptec 71605 raid controller, but the controller initialize the drive as "not supported currently on this raid card" What can I do? Use it with a HP Raid controller? Is there any HP...
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    Micro sas drive connecting to mini sas controller? How?

    Hi Guys, I have a simple quetion. I have a hgst S846E200M1 drive with micro sas interface and a ibm5110 controller. Can I use a micro sata to sata adapter to connent this drive to the controller with a sas cable or a micro sas connector is not compatible with micro sata adapters?