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    WTB: Intel E5-2697 V2 CPUs

    I am looking for a few Intel E5-2697 V2 CPUs in good condition, around $150/ea. I want 4 CPUs, but can work with 1-3 as well. Thanks for looking, ABQ
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    WTB: SuperMicro 1U Fans & Trays (FAN-0100L4)

    Looking for a couple Supermicro 40mm Axial Fans (FAN-0100L4) and Fan Trays (MCP-320-81302-0B). For anyone else interested or wanting NIB, SuperMicro has them @ $12.33 & $5.55 (a lot less than Ebay;). Thx Much, ABQ :)
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    Intel Optane SSD 900P 280GB -$299

    Hello All Looks like a good price on brand new 280GB Optane 900P SSD. Seller is NewEgg, and looks to come with free game deal. $299 is lowest I have seen for brand new and reputable seller. Cheers :) Intel Optane SSD 900P (280GB, AIC PCIe 3.0 x4, 20nm, 3D XPoint) 692753927224 | eBay
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    WTB: Economical U.2 PCIe Adapter Card

    Hello All, I am looking for an economical U.2 PCIe card for my Lenovo TS440 E3-1246 v3 server, so I can use my 2.5" U.2 version of PM863 SSD (NVME type). Does anyone have a recommendation or extra PCIe card? My main interest is an economical approach to using my 2.5" U.2 PM863 SSD. ...might...
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    Lenovo eGPU TB3 Dock (Nvidia GTX 1050) $280

    Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock | Universal Cable Docks (Thunderbolt) | Lenovo US And slickdeal link for info: Lenovo eGPU TB3 Dock (Nvidia GTX 1050) $280 Not bad for external GPU setup, no?
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    Supermicro A1SAi/Atom C2000 Series Motherboards - rev 1.0c vs 1.1? - AVR54 Bug?

    Hello All, My Google-Fu appears to be weak ! I cannot find anything definitive on what is difference between Rev 1.0C and Rev 1.1 for Supermicro Atom 2000 series motherboards. I have been assuming the Rev 1.1 have the AVR54 bug fix, but I would like to find something definitive in writing...
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    Xeon E3-1265L v4 CPU (Used) - $119

    Great deal for E3-V4 generation CPU with IRIS Pro graphics! Intel Xeon E3-1265L v4 2.30GHz 6M Cache SR2B3 Processor
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    WTB: T2280 2U Case (Travla or Casetronic Brand)

    Hello All, Looking to buy a T2280 2U Case with 250 Watt power supplies. These hold 2 motherboards. Please let me know if you happen to have an extra you might want to sell. Thanks Much!
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    WTB: Used SuperMicro CSE-503L-200B Case

    Hello All, I was hoping to find something in 1u for a PF Sense build. Please let me know if you have something you want to pass on. Thank You! EDIT: Looks like 'TM_Space' has many new in box for $99 shipped, obviously I'd like to find something for significantly less;) *NEW* SuperMicro...
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    M300 Moonshot Server Cartridges - Intel Atom C2750 - $40

    Looks like a potentially good deal if you need to populate your Moonshot Server Chassis, and like the Atom C2750 CPU - unfortunately no memory or hard drive included at $40 price.
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    2TB Micron 1100 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive For $258!

    Hello All, SDD around $130 per TB! Found this on SlickDeal: Buslinkbuy via Rakuten has 2TB Micron 1100 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive(MTFDDAK2T0TBN-1AR1ZABYY) on sale for $302.88 - $45.43 coupon code SAVE15 = $257.45. Shipping is free.
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    Enabling UEFI Boot On Lenovo S30 With Quadro P400?

    Hello All, I know this is a long shot request, but does anyone know where I can get an UEFI OpROM for my Quadro P400 Card? And instructions on how to upgrade the card?!? ...I would really like to use my fancy P400 card with UEFI boot & operating systems, so any help is much appreciated:) I...
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    GL.iNet GL-MT300A Mini Travel Router $13

    Hello All, Newegg Flash Sale of this handy GL-MT300A travel router. Also does VPN. $13 is lowest I have ever seen, absolute steal! GL.iNet GL-MT300A Mini Travel Router, Wi-Fi Converter, OpenWrt Pre-installed, 300Mbps, Repeater Bridge, 128MB RAM, OpenVPN, Tor Compatible, Programmable IoT...
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    Home Network Design & Set-Up

    Hello All, I apologize in advance for this long post. I am redesigning our home network - thanks to a generous hEX donation from Patrick:) Goal is a secure home network with 3 wireless subnets (Home, Guest, & IOT/DMZ), and 4 wired subnets (Home, IOT/DMZ, Lab, & Management). DSL ISP speed is...
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    Intel DC P3608 3.2 TB - $500!

    Hello All, This auction could be a steal for someone. Intel DC P3608 looks like it can scream - 4.5GB/s read and 2.5GB/s write! Current ebay bidding is only $500 with 12 hours left. Good Luck. RE: Intel DC P3608 3.2 TB Internal PCIE NVMe SSD SSDPECME032T4 | eBay
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    WTB: SC826TQ-R500LPB & Rails + E3 V2 CPU

    Hello All, Looking for 1 or 2 chassis & rails. Also need a cheap E3 V2 CPU for my $50 Supermicro X9SCM‑F:) May settle for i3, but would really prefer low power Xeon. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks Much, ABQ :)
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    Best Drive For 2 Security Cameras

    Hello All, I have 2 IP based 3 megapixel cameras. I want to record to a economical, low power, long life 2.5" drive. I assume a SSD would be best for low power, but price & longevity could be an issue. Are there good economical 2.5" hard drives for 24/7 use? I like the purple drives, but...
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    WTB: Supermicro A1SRM Motherboard

    Hello All, I am looking for a Supermicro A1SRM type motherboard for a home server. Anyone have a good used one? Best Regards, ABQ :)
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    Supermicro X9SRL-F for $150 shipped on Amazon Prime! (Sold Out)

    Here are new barebones Supermicro X9SRL-F with IO shield for $150 shipped on Amazon Prime! I bought 1, still a couple left. Good luck :) RE: Buying Choices: Supermicro LGA2011/Intel C602/DDR3/SATA3/V&2GbE/ATX Server Motherboard, Retail X9SRL-F-O or $150.00 Eligible for free shipping...
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    WTB: Supermicro X9SRL (CLOSED)

    Hello All, Looking for a Supermicro X9SRL motherboard for my home server build. Does anyone have something they would like to sell? Or any recommendations for an economical X9 supermicro motherboard with many PCIE3 slots (ideally at least 5 slots)? Thanks Much, ABQ :)