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    2U 24 bay Supermicro CSE-216 SAS2 chassis - $225

    Looks good for me for a JBOD conversion. I plan to ditch the internals and put in a standard ATX psu to power the backplane. 2U Supermicro CSE-216 H8DME-2 24 Bay Server AMD QC 2.2GHz 16GB 4x 4GB
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    Intel 82576 NIC option rom won't boot in bios

    I'm stumped. I'm trying to play with iscsi boot with this NIC and no matter what option i do, I can't get the nic to boot to anything. card is dell 0G174P. I used the dell nic driver suite to turn on bootenable flag and make iscsiprimary on port2. thanks...
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    QTY 12, 4TB SAS, $100 each

    I just upgraded to 6TB, so these need to go. Would like to sell in big lots, if possible. $100 + Shipping. 5x HUS724040ALS640 7x WD4001FYYG located in katy (houston). local would be preferred.
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    FS: RS25SB008 + Fastpath Key

    No longer needed. BBU still holds charge. $125 shipped lower 48.
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    WTB: Intel 10G NIC

    Need to transfer data quickly across two servers. Looking for X520-DA1 .. bonus if it comes with DAC cable. Thanks.
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    $120 WD 6TB - too good to be true?

    wd sata hard drive 6tb Seller has history, but listing is vague and from Asia. Gamble?
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    WL 6TB Hard Drive now $150

    Recent price drop. New (6000GB) 6TB 5700RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -FREE SHIPPING
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    supermicro 1280W SQ $85 + BO

    SuperMicro PWS-1K28P-SQ 1U 1280W Redundant Single Output Power Supply Qty Avail
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    ELI5 Nutanix and Citrix Stack?

    Hello all, I'm interested in setting up a proof of concept installation of citrix VDI on the nutanix community edition. Is this even possible to do at home? I've never dealt with citrix yet so I'm asking the dumb questions up front. The conceptual goal would be to deploy to a few citrix hdx zero...
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    HGST 6TB 12G SAS 4Kn $260

    HGST HUS726060AL4210 6 TB 6TB SAS 3 5" Server Hard Drive 7 2K F22790 Nice | eBay This seems like a good price, especially for a 12G 4K drive. In regards to the vendor's note, do not all raid controllers support 4K natively?
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    Ubiquiti UAP $64 FS

    New Ubiquiti Unifi UAP IEEE 802 11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point | eBay i'm converting from basic router to pfsense and dedicated AP. i'm picking up a few for zero handoff within the house. its not AC, but i guess i don't really need it.
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    5TB WD RE SAS - $135

    this just came up yesterday, but for some reason, no label!? Western Digital re WD5001FYYZ 5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6GB s 3 5 No Label 718037770871 | eBay I've been looking for 4TB+ disks for a long time .. but still nothing kosher.
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    WTB: supermicro 3.5 drive trays for SC836

    Hi, apparently i've lost a drive tray or two and looking to pick some up here before going to ebay. Part # should be MCP-220-00024. thanks
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    FS: 5x C6100 QDR JR3P1

    I intended to use these in my C6100 but I ended selling the server a few months ago. I thought I'd get another chassis, but it seems unlikely. Therefore, these need to go as well. No riser card. $100 EA + shipping. Pickup in Houston.
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    [6] 9G0812P1F041 fans.

    I bought 6 fans on ebay intending to the fan mod of my C6100, but I had to sell the server. Therefore, I never got to do the mod. Looking for $3 each + shipping. SOLD Thanks
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    Supermicro X8DTN \ [2] E5520 \ 8x2GB - $305

    found on my usual browsing run .. seems decent? Supermicro X8DTN Motherboard with 2X Xeon 5520 Heatsinks 8x 2GB Memory | eBay
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    Dell PowerEdge C6100 XS23-TY3 3.5" 2xL5520\24GB, 4 NODES.

    SOLD Dell PowerEdge C6100 XS23-TY3 3.5" 2xL5520\24GB, 4 NODES. Due to an abrupt change in working conditions, I'll have to postpone playtime to a future date. Comes with [6] 3.5" Drive sleds, rails, and [1] 1100W PSU. AFAIK, the previous owner has already updated the BMC and sled BIOS's...