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    PrimoCache Server

    if you wanna utilize more of your 10GB network, first get a better raid card. And add some more drive.
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    IBM M5015 experiences

    You can crossflash & then buy the software license key.
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    PCIe3 and Sandy Bridge CPU on Supermicro

    PCI-e bus from the forget about it
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    Help crossflashing HP SmartArray P400 to LSI equivalent

    there is no LSI equivalent for P400. And just throw the P400 to the bin for good.
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    SW or HW RAID6?

    Well...It talks about increasing CPU performance, (Core i5 M 520, Westmere generation) have XOR performance of over 4 GB/s and RAID-6 syndrome performance over 3 GB/s over a single execution core. It seems it doesn't touch on rebuilding part. With your latest CPU running XOR, I haven't seen a...
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    Flash Dell H730P to LSI firmware?

    forget about it. the price comes from the stuck firmware
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    Comparison: Intel i350-T4 Genuine vs Fake

    For paying $50, you should know what it is before you place the order. LOL
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    IBM M5015 experiences

    Read the post again and you will know cross flash is broken on newer firmware. So stick to the OLD LSI firmware
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    Lsi 9211-8i fast initialization ?

    Well...a HBA don't support most of the features. Forget about it.
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    9261-8i with BBU and Cables, 156 shipped, good deal?

    I would rather buy one with new BBU. >50% doesn't mean it won't die shortly
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    Potentially intersting braswell board for PFsense - X11SBA-LN4F

    Just wonder why use 4 i210 instead of 1 i350?
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    Suggestions for great priced LSI 9271-4i w/ CacheVault alternatives / re-brands?

    How about this. 9266-8i with BBU? New LSI MegaRAID 9266 8i with IBBU09 Cachecade Pro 2 0 Fastpath | eBay
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    MRAM Caches

    Not sure when LSI use these MRAM for the HBA. But you can have a look on the review of the 9300-4i4e The card also have this chip there
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    MRAM Caches is just the basic requirement for a 3008 to support Integrated Mirroring. There is nothing about Cache, the chip itself has 6MB memory
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    What BBU's can I use with an LSI 9265-8i?

    Simply saying, No. IBM switch to CacheVault with 2208. Dell has their own designed H710
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    Intel RES3TV360

    Queue for a $75 SAS3 Expanders.....:D:D:D
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    You see the QR code? That only appear on the Dell card but not the genuine LSI card
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    LSI SAS 9265-8i 6Gb/s 1GB cache RAID 170$ !?!

    According to the picts it comes with a Dell P/N. Looks like it is a real card for OEM.
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    Controller for Intel 730 SSD

    if M1015 is still too better stick to ICH10-R
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    Which consumer motherboards can the IBM M5014 be paired with?

    Oh...the poor seller got a RMA request because of incompatible motherboard...