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    FS: colocation servers for sale in NJ

    i am looking to sell my colocation server gears which includes datacenter is located in NJ anyone interested will be picking them up in NJ cheapest combo hardware with 512GB total memory + 48TB total storage + 2 Juniper SRX240H2 routers + 2 Raritan 2U enterprise switched PDU 1 x HP SL6500...
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    Looking for soundoproof cabinets

    I am looking a 40 x 40 x 20 cubic inches or something similar like 18U height or so cabinet preferably furniture material i can use to reduce sounds of tower servers...i don't need the racks from rack cabinets..i just need an open space with the measurements above Will like to reduce the noise...
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    Help with VLAN and VLAN routing

    I am having trouble pinging between VLANs on the SG300-10 switch IP address of my switch is I have VLAN1 VLAN2 Main router IP address (i am using DD-WRT router) I can ping from and...
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    Nexenta/NexentaStor 3.1.5 just won't install

    I have tried installing bot the community version and enterprise versions of the Nexenta software and just can't install them. Tried them on 2 different physical systems that both install other softwares fine, except nexenta. I get to the install page and it says CD-Rom discovery failed...i...
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    VLAN help

    I have the Cisco SG300 switch...basically followed the steps here How to setup VLANs on a Cisco SG 300-20 Managed Switch » Malpass' Technology Blog but the problem is after i created the when i connected a laptop to the ports tagged with the vlan...i cannot connect to the network...
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    How to setup vyatta in home lab

    I have a netgear N600 WNDR3400 router for a rented apartment with other this cannot be touched :( So now i want to setup a vyatta in my home lab setup. How can i achieve this? The last time i tried...
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    What are the differences between these monitoring tools?

    Hi guys, I am trying to categorize the monitoring tools i am testing out I have noticed there are just so many monitoring tools out there and am confused how to categorize or even know which tools are competitors to each one another, and what exactly the core differences them are. For...
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    Citrix XenServer VS Proxmox

    Before i was thinking i will deploy Proxmox on my colo setup but after seeing the move by Citrix to make the XenServer fully opensource..i am thinking if everyone else is thinking same...why will i want to go for Proxmox now? I mean i am sure XenServer should prove better? Or is this a wrong...
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    Can the DELL Optiplex XE (E8400 intel core2duo) take 16GB RAM

    I have the DELL Optiplex XE with Intel E8400 It comes with these RAM Hynix 2GB 1Rx8 PC3 12800U 11 12 A1 Desktop Memory RAM New | eBay... and i am trying to find out if i can actually install 4GB RAM each of the slots making 16GB RAM total. Is this possible? OptiPlex XE Stable...
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    Is this the new HP v1910?

    I am seeing this image is different and not sure if this is like a newer version of the HP v1910 switch HP JG538A ABA 1910 24 Switch | eBay
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    Which one is the better one?

    I am thinking between HP 1910 (HP 1910 8g Switch SKU 3292822 | eBay) versus the Cisco SG300 (Cisco SRW2008 K9 NA 8 10 100 1000 Port 2 Combo Mini GBIC Port SG 300 10 0882658295645 | eBay) I want Cisco because of Cisco IOS but is there anything the HP does better? If not trying to go for the...
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    Question on OpenStack/CloudStack

    I am just curious here Can OpenStack convert a compute node into multiple physical nodes that can each run different hardware virtualization softwares like VMware, KVM, Proxmox? What am saying this what OpenStack and CloudStack are built to be able to do? Am just wondering...
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    looking for 24 port fan-less cisco fast ethernet switch

    Is there any enterprise grade FAN-LESS cisco 24 port fast ethernet switch that i can place right inside my room beside my desk so i dont have to listen to the annoying noise? thanks
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    Colocation question

    If i get 2 x 100Mbps @ 2TB each...can i in a way bundle this together to get 200Mbps @ 4TB? Lets say i have a dual switch in a colocation setup. If the provider only provides only 100Mbps and i want to get a larger pipe..can i bundle multiple uplinks to get a larger pipe? I am thinking this...
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    What do i need and need to know to operate my own ASN?

    I am thinking of having my own ASN. I know the requirements are like already having a /24 ipv4 block for ARIN, but i am not sure what the requirements are for RIPE in europe. Basically i want to get all the information i need considering managing my own ASN number. Can i use a software router...
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    Software VS Hardware [Router/Firewall/Loadbalancer]

    I am just wondering since there seems to be more and more software appliances for router(vyatta and others), Firewall(Pfsense), Loadbalancer(NetScaler)...wouldn't there still be need for hardware since one still need ports and uplinks to connect to several servers? I mean with servers having 2...
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    Router, Firewall, Loadbalancer, Switch combo in one device?

    Is there any device that acts as a production grade medium to large enterprise router, firewall, loadbalancer, and switch and does mostly all functions as if each working as individual devices, but in this as one single device? If yes what device is this? link? Thanks.
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    Supermicro Twin 2 and IPMI

    I am wondering do i have to have RJ45 uplink for each of the 4 dedicated IPMI on this server? Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 2027TR-HTRF+ The server comes with 4 physical node servers and each with 2 x 1 Gigabit port and dedicated IPMI port. That makes is 4 dedicated IPMI ports...
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    Is the L5639 really better than L5520?

    I have seen the new C6100 coming out with L5639 processors and i just want to know from people who have benchmarked or tested both to share if there is really much better performance from the L5639 than the L5520. Yes i know L5639 has 6 cores and L5520 has 4 cores and both use 60 Watt TDP...but...
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    Can C6100 take SD card to setup FreeNAS

    I am thinking of setting up a FreeNAS storage and was wondering if the C6100 can take SD card to install FreeNAS onto or what is everyone using for their FreeNAS setup? I am definitely not using usb flash drive because it just looks stupid having something pointed out of the server.