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    EU HP Q2F24A SN2100M 100GbE 8 QSFP28 Half Width Switch GBP 750 OBO

    I haven't seen many anecdotes about 100G switch power consumption from the homelab scene but I can't imagine they're on par with lower tier ethernet, the ASICs have to be fairly hungry on their own and each XCVR pushing 4 lasers add up fast. Comparing to CFP class 100G power consumption should...
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    FS: Lanner FW-7525C Atom C2518 Fanless Network Appliance with pfSense

    Can you determine the SoC revision/date to discern if this might eventually suffer from the LPC-CLK failure?
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    SFP+ is just one of the more recent packaging shrinks, 10G was available in XFP prior to SFP+, etc. The telecom transition from 2.5G to 10G WAN PHY happened in the late 90's with line cards that didn't have plug-able transceivers. 10GbE came along at the sunset of of monolithic line cards and...
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    WD – HGST – STEC 1TB MLC PCIe Solid State Accelerator $75

    asdf Do you have the MLC or SLC variety? Any sustained write bench-marking? For the SLC quoted at 600MB/s I wonder how far that is from reality. At an honest 600MB/s, for slog, you're not leading a used 860 Pro by much and at a glance I didn't see an endurance estimate to compare but given the...
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    WTB: 4x 8TB or 10tb HGST drives

    I haven't seen an amazing deal on external 8s in a minute, but right now I see a new price of $144. Used for ~$100, I'd be looking for a drive with not much over 10k hours in service. I ball park what I'm willing to pay as a ratio of hours used of a nominal 30k hour lifetime. Though I won't pay...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    I was denigrating AOCs in relation to typical optics and patch fibre. AOC fails; three otherwise discrete components go in the bin, unless it's a breakout in which case you're fishing a hydra with very awkward heads out of the rack to trash the equivalent of 10 discrete components. 10! you say...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    I got distracted and forgot to address your specific concern before mashing post. :p I don't really understand the appeal of AOCs, but then I work in telco and could scope/clean fibre with my head in a bucket of mud. While I have been dispatched far too many times to find DC techs that one...
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    FS: Brocade brand 40Gb QSFP cables (new) and WTB

    Samir, Quad packed xcvrs have 4 individual signalling lanes that can then be converted to individual optical signals transmitted over multiple strands of multimode MPO fibre or as distinct wavelengths on a single mode lone pair. QSFPx breakouts bifurcate these individual optical, or electrical...
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    Vega 64's More to come

    On a related note Vega uses HBM memory which has higher bandwidth for lower power budget than DDR4/GDDR5 contemporaries but higher cost. 5700 uses GDDR6 which closes the gap on performance at a more consumer targeted price but still HBM is superior for general compute rather than gaming.
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    64GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMM $280

    I've sniped two individual SK Hynix HMAA8GL7AMR4N-VK from ebay so far at $270 and $280. Six more to go but I'm hoping they'll dip further over the next few months.
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    Intel VCA Card Under $800

    I don't think you're quite as aware of what I'm talking about as you believe, the Xeon 3D prowess or lack there of isn't what's relevant.
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    Intel VCA Card Under $800

    These seem like they'd make a hell of an upgrade from something like an Nvidia Quadro P2000 or better for serving transcoded Plex streams.
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    FS: DDR3 RDIMMs (Dell R720 Pulls)

    The Newegg page you linked to currently shows a -30% promo code...
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    FS: Supermicro 5in3 Hot Swap Cage $50

    I'm in the middle of reworking an old FreeNAS 9.x system that has two of these haven't had a chance yet to confirm if they work at SATA3 signalling rates but it doesn't much matter to me since they're not expanders and the drives going in peak at around 200MB/s. While I don't need a third cage...
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    Best Buy WD 10TB w Flash Drive $169.99, now $159.99

    If you search techbargains for jackyled there's currently (I just checked it's still valid) a promo code for an 18 outlet tower power strip that's $25.36, typically $42.99. I have three of this style and each socket can handle a large wall wart.
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    S3500 Update: One of the 1050w PS that arrived with mine was faulty, the three LEDs on the PS would just blink at a steady rate, the seller replied very promptly and indicates a replacement will be forthcoming. Still waiting on that to shake out. S3500-48PF with one working 1050w PS, idle with...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Spectacular thread, I picked up an S3500-48P for just over a bill. Turns out it was an S3500-48PF and came with dual 1050W high output power supplies. Since delivering a full 30w to all 48 ports is overkill for any conceivable use I'd have it was unexpected and mildly annoying because the power...
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    FS: Startech PCI slot 2.5" hot swap SATA-III bay

    Sorry, I'd have offered $25 for the pair but for $12.43/ea shipped they take payment methods I already use... thanks for bringing these to my attention though. Startech s25slotr 2.5 Sata Removable Hard Drive Bay For Pic Expansion Slot | eBay