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    Can you mix SAS and SATA drives in the same RAID6 Array?

    Controller is an Areca 1883ix,-24 no sas expanders, connected to a norco 4220 passive backplane chassis. Current array is a 16x 4TB sata raid6, but im starting to lose some drives, and the SAS drives are just so much cheaper.
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    FS: Supermicro 5in3 Hot Swap Cage $50

    Been in rackmount gear for years, found this in storage and have no need for it. Has a nice San Ace fan on it and works well. Imgur 50 bucks + actual shipping. heatware: jbrukardt
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    Should i move away from my Areca 1280ML?

    I have an Areca 1280ML with 16 attached drives (4tb's right now). Its operating in RAID6 mode, with NTFS on top of them, but unfortunately the drives are starting to age and its time for me to swap them out for 8s. This would be the ideal time to change controllers and or filesystems. To...
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    $59 shipped: Avaya 5698-TFD-PWR 96 port gigabit, POE, 2x XFP

    Nortel 5698TFD-PWR AL1001A11-E5 PoE 96 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Dual PSU 56097068812 | eBay Saw this, and as much as i want this monster, i really dont have any need for 96 ports in one switch... Its a very capable level 3 switch. I have a slightly older variant in the 4548gt-PWR and i...
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    Filesystem on top of Areca 1280ML 50TB RAID6?

    Long story short, it looks like im going to be condensing my homelab to virtualize a lot of functions in a single more powerful 4u, that happens to be my storage server. Three main functions are a file host/media server, a CCTV recording host, and an video encode host. All three of these...
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    Cannibalized Dell R920, Bad Mobo. Board for Xeon E7-2850 v2?

    Long story short, I came into possession of a trashed Poweredge 920. Had been through a fire in the rack due to explodey UPS batteries. Written off as scrap, and most of it is. Chassis, power supply, disks, all toast from smoke. Memory is hit or miss too, heat damage i think. I dont...