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    10x NUC5PPYH NUC Mobo + 5 Nvidia Jetson TK1 + switch + DC power supply $300

    Mine just got delivered... going to play with it today. Definitely an interesting alternative to RPi4
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    FS: C6100 - 4xL5639 Hex-Core; 48GB/Node (192GB Total); Dual PSU; 12x Trays

    Up for sale is a recently-removed-from-service Dell PowerEdge C6100 XS23-TY3 4-node server with two Intel X5639 hex-core CPUs per node (8 CPUs total) and 48GB of RAM per node (192GB total). It has been thoroughly inspected and burn-tested, and is in excellent shape. Looking to get $3000, but...
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    Dell 3-Node AMD DCS6005

    Stumbled across these today: Dell C6005 Cloud Server 6X 1 8GHz AMD 6 Core 48GB RAM 12x 750GB C6100 Series | eBay Anyone familiar with it? Looks like they can be had relatively affordably.