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    Memory question: X9SCL+-F and Xeon E3-1240v2

    Xfinity, The cheapest 1600 memory for the SCL (and the SCM) that I found is from: Any luck finding it cheaper? --Lenard
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    LSI 9207-8i - Successor to 9211?

    dba, That explains some of my confusion. Thanks for the info! --Lenard
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    LSI 9207-8i - Successor to 9211?

    Mobilenvidia, I noticed that the 2308 has a cache and the 9207 doesn't. Wouldn't the latter be better for using with XFS since there is no purpose for the cache (or does the cache get used in IT mode)? Thanks.
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    Home 2RU short depth rackmount SAN chassis

    Compact Disk Enclosures Hi There, You can get these stuffed with HDs. They are pretty compact: If you want just the enclosure, I found these:
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    Low noise low power storage enclosure

    Hi There, One of the things I noticed was that the EliteStor supports either 2.5 or 2.5+3.5 drives and the AccuStor only supports 3.5 drives. --Lenard