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    Cisco C1-C2960X-48FPD-L Switch New In Box

    New in the (opened) box Cisco C1-C2960X-48FPD-L (V05) PoE switch. SN on listed as "Warranty Status - Covered" @ Cisco Coverage Checker Will post pictures shortly. $1199 + Shipping from DFW, Texas (OBO) Thank you, Craig Rhyne
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    800P 118GB

    Pricing seems to be slightly cheaper than eBay and other online retailers.. I picked up a pair to cache for a 4TB S4500 in my ZBook :D Intel Optane SSD 800p Series (118GB, M.2 80mm PCIe 3.0, 3D XPoint) - SSDPEK1W120GAXT -
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    LGA3647 CPU's -Tested (With and Without Omni Path)

    Alright, I have several CPU's I'd like to sell.. all have been tested. Specs shown in screenshots: Omni Path CPU's: 4x QL2M's (ES2, Stepping B0, 1.8GHz- 3.2GHz, 24c, 165W, 33M cache)- $499 2x QLH1's (ES2, Stepping B0, 1.8GHz- 2.8GHz, 14c, 135W, 19.3M cache)- $399 Non-Omni Path: 3x All...
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    3647 QS List

    I noticed that Intel conveniently listed all of the qcodes for the QS spec 3647's..
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    HWInfo64 QL1F's & QL1K's

    Just got a stack of 3647's and threw a couple in to test. Thought I'd post the results if anyone is interested. QLIF's: QL1K's (actually identify as QL2M's): Both appear to be ES2. Note that the options shown in HWinfo are likely influenced by the BIOS settings between tests (different...
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    Gnodal GS7200- 72 Ports 10 G fiber

    Gnodal GS7200 72x 10G SFP+ fiber port switch- $500 + Shipping -Craig Rhyne
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    More Zbook Deals...

    Oh so tempting to pick up a 15 or 17 G4 for comparison purposes.. Each of these machines is loaded to the hilt. Discount code provides an ADDITIONAL 25% off:
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    ZBook Studio G4/2017 MBP/P50

    Moving this over from the thread in the "Great Deals" section in an effort to provide additional exposure for anyone else making a similar decision.
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    PM863 FW File

    Would anyone happen to have a firmware file for a 3.84TB PM863? In typical fashion Samsung does not have the software available for download on their website as it's an "enterprise" drive.. Model # is: SAMSUNG MZ7LM3T8HCJM-00003 FW Rev: GXT3003Q
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    Intel 750 800GB

    $299 BIN; Appears to be a quality seller:
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    3.84TB PM1633's $699

    This is another one of those buy at your own risk deals.. I've been looking at this for the past 15 minutes trying to talk myself out of buying them. I have so many SSD's at the moment that I think I'm going to let this one go. This seller claims to have experienced sporadic dropout issues...
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    Sony WH1000-XM2/B

    Surely this is a scam/highjacked account/typo, but hey.. I’ve successfully purchased a few valuable items on eBay for nothing. Seller is a long time member with no recent history... so it’s a gamble- assume that you’ll ultimately receive an empty box in the mail. I bought 2 :rolleyes: These are...
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    New ZBook Studio G4 (Loaded)

    I managed to get the price knocked down so far on a very high spec notebook I've recently ordered from that I thought I'd post it here. The ZBooks aren't nearly as common as the Dell Precision/Lenovo P series, so discounts on the latest greatest are sometimes a little harder to find...
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    HGST HUSMR1600, Samsung PM1633 SSD's, and Misc FS

    Looking to sell or possibly trade a few solid state drives to acquire more NVMe. I'm traveling at the moment, but am more than happy to answer any questions (remotely) to the best of my ability. Barring a last second change of plans, I should be in a position to answer questions requiring...
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    Seems like a relatively good deal. I needed one; one left. Seller accepted $300 best offer. Supermicro BPN-SAS3-846EL1 4u 24 Bay SAS3 SAS2 SATA3 Expander Backplane | eBay
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    SMB and HBA's

    Would someone be kind enough to give me a quick education on SMB and HBA's? Several Supermicro and Intel HBA's and/or backplanes that I own include a small 4 pin connector labelled PEM_SMB (Intel) or JVNI2C (Supermicro). Up until I examined the Intel card a little closer today, I had always...
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    Supermicro 2028U-TN24R4T+ (24x NVMe 2U)

    Alright, I've been toying around with a few DIY NVMe options and have found that my Supermicro SuperServer 2028U-TN24R4T+ machine is no longer receiving the level of use that it previously was (briefly). Consequently, I'm listing it for sale as a both a fully spec'd machine or bare bones...
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    Intel NVMe Backplane + AOC/Cables/Trays

    A1U44X25NVMEDK - Drive Combo SAS/PCle SFF Backplane Acceeory Kit with 4x Nvme | eBay Seems like a pretty good buy.. NVMe backplanes are still tough to come by and this would be a direct pass through setup in a nice clean 1U kit (true 4x lanes/drive). I don't think I've tested this card in a...
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    Samsung Drive Sale

    Nothing mind blowing here, but certainly a few notable discounts from a reputable vendor.. PROVANTAGE: Listing of Hard Drives - Solid State - Hard Drives - Solid State
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    Free P3700 in Exchange for Firmware

    As the title states, I have a free Intel 400GB P3700 (HPE) for the person that finds firmware which gets my PM963's functioning properly. More information about the issue/firmware needed here: 2.5" 960GB PM963 Firmware