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    Samsung PM981 not showing up with full capacity in Windows

    Too late now but i386 has you on the right track for the future. Diskpart, list disk, select disk, then clean. I usually see the small partition issue on USB drives after they had a linux partition them but I have also seen the weird oversize partition after a drive was part of a RAID array.
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    Long distance USB?

    I haven't had to extend a USB 3 cable yet but in the past I have used several 16' active USB cables strung together then a powered USB hub at the point of use.
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    Moving a rack?

    When I move mine long distance, I take everything out, put the rack in a trailer then reinstall all the servers and strap it down. Same concept as the Uhaul truck but empty when loading to make life easier. Just be sure it is strapped down really good and don't put all the heavy loads on the...
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    Supermicro Rack Rails - Threaded Rack

    You should be able to use the supermicro rails with a bit of work. I have a round hole rack with cage nuts. For the SC846 chassis which should be a similar rail, on one side I was able to unscrew the square pegs. The other side of the rail also unscrews but required drilling a small hole to get...
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    Server 2016 essentials connector

    It has been that way for several builds now. Also affects stuff like SNMP informant.
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    10G Router options

    I have one setup in my home lab for fun but I haven't tried to really push the 10Gb routing hard. Mainly 2-3 clients with storage bottlenecks moving large files. I have no problem doing 6Gb across VLAN's (disk limit on one node) but if there was a large number of nodes hitting it things would be...
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    Interesting requirement for AIO Unraid, VM, Docker, WIndows, Ubuntu..

    Getting BI to use an iGPU through a VM will be a challenge. Last person I knew that tried it had many stability issues. It's not the best solution but you could go a bit backwards in the setup. Host could be Win 10 with BI and Hyper-V for Plex and the download VM. That still leaves Plex without...
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    Older Intel 10GBaseT (82598EB, E10G41AT2) at PCIe Gen 2 x4?

    I have some x520 cards running in x4 slots , cards are gen 2. No issues with bandwidth on them.
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    Weird slowdowns - what could be the cause?

    RocketRaid 2720 is not a great card for calculating parity. I would try to go RAID 10 if possible that would give the card a chance of keeping up. Alternatively you could try going back to the LSI card and stick a fan on it.
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    SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F - SR-IOV Support

    It probably supports SR-IOV but has different names for the components needed in the BIOS. Try enabling Intel VT and ASPM.
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    Server 2019 - Going beyond 16 cores, what happens?

    The CPU cores work as intended with no notifications from the OS. You would just fail an audit by MS and get stuck with a potentially large fine. When you do get the additional core licenses, just store them. They don't get entered in the OS.
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    DIY UPS capacity upgrade, success and failure

    While that is bad, I would be more worried about ventilation with that type of battery. You could end up with a much bigger issue than you have already had.
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    Client backup

    Check the laptop logs and watch for any connectivity issues like the laptop going to sleep or turning off the WIFI. Beyond that, look into the free space and VSS working.
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    What is this SAS controller

    I have a similar setup with a C606 chipset and 2019 server. Device Manager and Intel RST shows the chipset as C600 series so there is a decent chance the drivers will work on a C602 as well. The bundle I am running is ul_intel_rste_utility_4.5.0.2072_win Lenovo still has that version posted (at...
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    Ebay scammers

    If you are in the US and bought from a US seller, file an item not as described on ebay. If you select not as described the seller will be responsible for return shipping. Don't wait too long on the return, you get a set number of days to return the item after opening a case before the seller...
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    Power consumption of on-board, but disabled, SAS controllers.

    I built some E3 X10 systems recently with boards that have onboard LSI SAS due to them being a lower price. I don't recall the exact wattage but IIRC it was around 5-6 watts saved when I moved the jumper to disable the onboard SAS. I don't know that everything is totally disabled but there is...
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    Intel CAS software on home server

    Someone finally accepted my low ball offer on a new P3700 800GB drive so I am giving this a try. So far results are great. Still worried about a single point of failure. The Intel CAS software does mention using RAID with write back enabled so maybe it supports RAID with the NVME drives. I...
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    Windows Server 2016 Oem Activation error

    It may deactivate but you could try installing 2016 on bare metal then doing a P2V conversion and importing on that same server. If nothing else you would be able to see if there is a license in the BIOS and maybe even do a phone activation if it deactivates after P2V conversion.
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    Monero changed to the RandomX Algo.

    The phi is a nitch product for mining and has little support. LukMiner is the only project I am aware of for monero and it appears to be updated for randomx. I wouldn't expect much from a 5110p, a 7250 is around 6800 h, a pair of E5 2650l V2 with dual channel 1600mhz ram is 5930 h and 180w and...
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    QNAP QM2 Quad M.2 NVMe Card

    2 x Xeon E5-2650L V2 was shipped and received quickly. Free bump for a good seller.