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  1. Wasmachineman_NL

    Dell Technologies World anything interesting to a outsider?

    Title. My interests are primarily in the workstation and rugged side of computers. So is DTW anything interesting to a "outsider" like me that doesn't really have industry contacts?
  2. Wasmachineman_NL

    I have too many Precisions and too little time

    Or: my hobby is getting out of hand. Left to right: M70/M90/M6300/M4300/M2300/M40/M50 Back: M4500/M6400 Covet/M6500 Covet/M6500 Covet Not pictured: the shitload of M6500 parts machines I have and a well-used M90 next to me being tested.
  3. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU FS: HPe Proliant DL380 Gen10 (SOLD)

    Untested barebone with no caddies or other parts aside from a CPU, HSF, DVD drive for some reason and two PSUs. And of course the lid lol CPU seems to be a Xeon Silver 4114. Oh, and it's under warranty until 2021 too. €800 OBO.
  4. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU WTB: Samsung SM863/SM883 960GB or bigger, SATA M.2 & DDR3 RDIMMs

    Looking for 960GB (or bigger?!) Samsung SM863 or SM883's, SATA M.2 drives and DDR3 RDIMMs for a HP DL180 G6.
  5. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU FS: Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-H8IR

    Can't test it because I don't have any SAS cables. €15 takes it.
  6. Wasmachineman_NL

    Help me pick parts for a new computer

    Started picking parts for a upcoming PC build but I could use some input: CPU: 3950X, 5950X, or just go with Threadripper? Board: here's where my extremely autistic specific needs come in: NO ASUS. After all the trouble with my CH7 (trash software stack, lmao-tier fan control, slow BIOS...
  7. Wasmachineman_NL

    der8auer combines a NUC 9 Compute Unit with a normal ATX motherboard

    Resident mad scientist is at it again: Imagine a 3990X with two of those compute units, holy shit.
  8. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU WTB: Small CF-card, preferably industrial

    And up to 2GB because lol no LBA in BIOS. Anyone?
  9. Wasmachineman_NL

    Using AI to upscale game textures, how?

    Title. As some people might know, I have a real hard-on for the Vulcar Ingot in GTA V, but it's GTA IV era textures are starting to put me off. So, is there a way I can somehow upscale them? I was reading about ESRGAN and Gigapixel AI but I know jack about AI/ML besides that.
  10. Wasmachineman_NL

    Capture card for 1920x1200, does it exist?

    Title. I have quite a few Dell Precision Mobile Workstations and it's become a bit of a habit that I run SPECviewperf on every one of them and film the benchmark run. Problem is: the quality is piss poor at best: With that comes my question: does Elgato or any other brand have a capture card...
  11. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU WTB: SATA/mSATA SSDs up to ~500GB

    Title, looking for a few SSDs for some of my older systems. Preferably 2.5" SATA. Also looking for a few mSATA SSDs, small ones for the IDE systems I have, up to 128GB will suffice. Europe only please, i'm not in the mood to get reamed by Dutch Customs.
  12. Wasmachineman_NL

    Precision 7530/7540 experiences?

    Has anyone got any experience with the newer Dell Precision Mobile Workstations? I'm thinking of retiring my ThinkPad P50 (which is garbage btw) within a year for a 7530 or 7540. Few q's: is the cooling any good in the newer Precisions? How's the keyboard and battery life? The STH review said...
  13. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU (SOLD) FS: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 Mk4

    SOLD (AT LAST!) Not sure if there any peeps interested in rugged devices like this on STH, but whatevs: I like my CF-19 more (and could use the €€€€ for that Volvo I keep talking about!) so i'm selling my Toughpad. Under warranty I had the display bezel replaced as it was starting to peel off...
  14. Wasmachineman_NL

    Question for Californians

    STH is probably my best hope since this site is mostly aimed at the USA crowd: How would one acquire a vanity license plate outside CA/the USA? Doesn't need to be registered to a car, I just want it as a vanity plate itself. Preferably also a 1960s one, but I bet that's going to be really hard...
  15. Wasmachineman_NL

    Noob question: VLANs? for Windows 2000/XP/7 isolation

    I work a lot with older Dell Precisions that run Windows 2000/XP/7, and with that comes my question: how can I isolate them from my network so my home network doesn't get raped when one of my Precisions gets compromised? VLANs?
  16. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU WTB: 3TB+ Enterprise grade SATA HDD

    Looking to upgrade my external HDD to a bigger one (that also doesn't run hot as hell like the WD Re4 I have now!), anyone got something spare?
  17. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU SOLD: Intel Xeon E5-2620V2+cooler

    Mobo killed itself, sold it without CPU. €10 without cooler or €20 with a 2U Intel cooler. Sold!
  18. Wasmachineman_NL

    Xeon E5 V2 vs i7-49xx IMC

    This might be a better question for a site like HWBOT, but whatever: Is the IMC on Ivy Bridge/V2 Xeons worse than on the i7-49xx equivalents of them? I have a Corsair DDR3-2400 kit on a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with a E5-2620V2 and whatever I do I can't get my RAM to clock above 1866. Did I...
  19. Wasmachineman_NL

    Are these (HPE) modules RDIMM or UDIMM?

    Found these locally for sale but I can't identify if they're RDIMM or UDIMM. They're ECC though according to the seller.
  20. Wasmachineman_NL

    Windows 7 EOL and the effect on the used market

    Am I right to assume the second Windows 7 goes EOL the used market will get flooded with (once) high-end stuff like X58/X79 boards?