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  1. pettakos

    Asus Z87-WS IBM M1015

    Is it possible to use 3 pci-e x8 HBA's (IBM M1015) flashed to IT mode, no Bios, with Asus Z87-WS? Even if I plan to populate the first pci-e with a graphics card in the future? I know that the boards runs them in x8x8x8x8 mode when all four are populated.
  2. pettakos

    Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8

    Is it possible to flash it without bios (option rom) in order to speed up boot process?
  3. pettakos

    Wanted: IBM M1015

    I am in need of an IBM M1015 shipped to Europe. p.m.
  4. pettakos

    IBM M1015 HDD Smart

    I installed a recently acquired Ibm M1015 flashed in IT mode in a Win7 machine, attached 7 drives (all WD 2TB and 3TB Greens), works flawlessly very satisfied, but it does not passthrough any smart hard drive data. How can I overcome this annoyance, if I can?